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Pedestrian Safety Improvements: Lake City Way NE and NE 145th Street

Last Updated: September 28, 2015

Project Update

This project has reached substantial completion. Drivers and residents may notice crews making final landscaping finishes over the next few weeks.

Project Photos

Project Description

Example of an ADA compliant curb ramp

The Seattle Department of Transportation constructed new, compliant curb ramps at the intersection of Lake City Way NE and NE 145th Street. The existing ramps on the southeast and southwest corners were replaced by wider ramps to improve accessibility and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These types of pedestrian facilities help create safer mobility for all roadway users. Construction began in early June 2015 and reached substantial completion September 2015.


Project Benefits

The goal of these pedestrian safety improvements is to help make Lake City safer and more comfortable for multiple travel modes. The work may include:

  • Smoother access to sidewalks
  • Improved traffic flow at intersection to promote safety for all roadway users

Project Elements

  • ADA compliant curb ramps
  • Signal replacement and upgrades
  • New storm drainage
  • Roadway restoration



  • Construction began in June 2015 and was completed in September 2015.

Project Materials

Construction Notice – June 2015

SEPA DNS for Lake City Way/NE 145th Pedestrian Improvements Project

SEPA Checklist for Lake City Way/NE 145th Pedestrian Improvements Project

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