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Fauntleroy Way SW Green Boulevard

Project Update


The latest conceptual drawings incorporate the hybrid median (click on images below to view). Additionally, the June 2013 Draft Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) Update included recommendations for cycle tracks within a portion of the project area along Fauntleroy Way SW and a greenway crossing Fauntleroy Way SW at SW 38th Street. The project is currently on hold until adoption of the Final BMP Update (anticipated in late 2013 or early January 2014) and a decision to include cycle tracks is confirmed. SDOT expects to restart design in early 2014 and reach 30% design in Spring 2014.

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Fauntleroy Way SW

Project Description

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is in the very early stages of conceptual design for Fauntleroy Way SW Green Boulevard, between 35th Ave SW and SW Alaska St, to transform this section of the corridor. Funding is allowing for a conceptual design and proposed alternative to be selected this year. The plan originates from the West Seattle Streetscape Concepts Plan and may include elements such as a planted medians, pedestrian zones, lighting, sidewalks and improved crossing movements.

Conceptual design for Fauntleroy Way SW Green Boulevard

Project Schedule

The Fauntleroy Way SW Green Boulevard Project derives from the West Seattle Triangle Urban Design Framework that was drafted in November 2011. The design framework takes its cues from the West Seattle Junction Hub Urban Village Neighborhood Plan, which was published in 1999. Several aspects of the neighborhood plan speak directly to the future of the Triangle planning area including the following:

  • Fauntleroy Way SW: create a community gateway, enhance pedestrian safety and comfort, retain vehicle capacity while calming traffic
  • Encourage the provision of parking for shoppers and employees
  • Allow higher density mixed use residential, but not height, in the Triangle area bounded by Fauntleroy/Alaska/ 35th
  • Encourage a diversity of housing affordability levels
  • Develop opportunities for public open spaces, community gathering spaces and pedestrian/bicycle trails, including the use of unneeded portions of street rights-of-ways
  • Promote greening and beautification of the neighborhood

As part of this plan, SDOT began conceptual design on Fauntleroy Way SW between 35th Ave SW and SW Alaska Street.

Public Outreach

We are holding an open house to reach out to community groups, businesses and nearby neighbors, to gather information and help drive suggestions on the best alternative.

We plan to continue to provide information about the project to the public and keep neighbors engaged through e-mail updates and other communication. To join our e-mail list, send an e-mail to

Questions or Comments?

Contact the SDOT Project Team:
Inga Schenker
Project Manager

Maribel Cruz
Outreach Coordinator

Project Funding

The conceptual design and limited analysis are being funded by local dollars.



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