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Adaptive Streets Program

The Adaptive Streets Program is a cost-effective way to experiment with new public spaces and street improvements. Focused on creating inexpensive, temporary solutions, the Adaptive Streets Program includes two types of projects:

  • Pavement to Parks projects, which create opportunities for public spaces in underutilized roadway space, and
  • Tactical Urbanism projects, which enhance safety and mobility with low-cost, easy-to-install materials.

Pavement to Parks projects on First Hill
Pavement to Parks projects on First Hill

The Adaptive Streets Program demonstrates an institutionalized effort to implement quick and economical treatments that enhance the function of streets. Seattle's approach is characterized by four features:

  • Short-term Construct projects quickly and allow community stakeholders to provide feedback before permanent improvements are made
  • Low-cost Use simple, temporary materials to reduce design and labor costs and to expand the reach of the program
  • Adaptable Design improvements to be scalable and temporary so that changes can be made based on performance evaluations and community feedback
  • Community-oriented Ensure that projects address community needs and are universally-accessible, regardless of age or ability

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