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9th Ave N Safety Project

Supporting a great urban street

Project Update: March 2017 Construction to Begin

A lot of construction, both public and private, is happening in South Lake Union (SLU), adding complexity to the process of upgrading the bike lanes. A phased approach is the best way to get the lanes installed safely, effectively, and efficiently, so the 9th Ave Safety Project is being completed in three phases.

Construction of phase 1 will happen in spring 2017 and includes implementation of a protected bike lane on 9th Ave N from Westlake Ave to Mercer St. It also includes implementation of the protected bike lane on Roy between Dexter Ave N and 9th Ave N.

Construction on phase 2 will begin in 2017. This phase includes implementation of a protected bike lane on 9th Ave N from Mercer St to Harrison St. The installation of the protected bike lane from Harrison St to Denny Way is part of Phase 3, and will be completed in 2018.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Progress in South Lake Union

South Lake Union (SLU) is rapidly becoming the gateway to Downtown Seattle. As the area evolves into a destination and attracts major employers and residents, we have to create a flexible transportation system that gives people real travel choices. Thanks to recent voter-approved initiatives, we can do just that. In March, RapidRide expanded to SLU and changes to Westlake Ave N made it possible for double the number of people to ride transit during peak hours.

The Westlake Protected Bike Lane is fully open! The last stretch of bike lane is complete. Recently, we’ve been working with community members on upgrading existing bike lanes to protected bike lanes on 9th Ave N between Westlake Ave N and Denny Way. Both 9th Ave N and Westlake Ave N are framed by Terry St, which is ideal for pedestrians, and 8th Ave N, which is a future residential shared street (known as a ‘woonerf’).

Building a citywide bike network

Project Description

Ninth Ave N is a desirable location for people to bike because it is relatively flat and south of Mercer St has a low volume of vehicles. The project maintains a travel lane in each direction on 9th Ave N. All on-street parking will be consolidated to the east side. The project upgrades existing bike lanes to include a 3-foot buffer with white plastic posts and fills the gap between Westlake Ave N and Roy St, creating a family-friendly facility. Ninth Ave N will remain a reliable option for other modes (driving and walking).

Project Benefits

There are many benefits to upgrading the bike lane on 9th Ave N to a protected bike lane. This lane offers a biking path that is outside of the South Lake Union Streetcar tracks and connects people biking from the Westlake Ave protected bike lane to South Lake Union and on to downtown.

This project is small, and easy to implement among the changing landscape of South Lake Union. Also, it is part of our council-approved, 2014 Bicycle Master Plan and is included in the 2015 Bike Master Plan Implementation Plan. Finally, it’s required as part of the city’s expansion of the bike share program.


August 2016: Final design

Spring 2017: Construct Phase 1

Early 2017: Construction outreach about Phase 2

End-of-summer 2017: Phase 2 Construction

2018: Phase 3 Construction


The project is funded by the Levy to Move Seattle. Approved by voters in 2015, the 9-year, $930 million Levy to Move Seattle provides funding to improve safety for all travelers, maintain our streets and bridges, and invest in reliable, affordable travel options for a growing city.


Nov 2016: Fact Sheet
Aug 2016: SLU Community Council Policy Committee Presentation
June 2016: SLU Community Council Presentation


Jason Fialkoff, Project Manager,, (206) 684-4617

Kate Reizner, Community Engagement Liaison,, (206) 684-5503

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