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Fourth Avenue - Jackson Street to Olive Way

Construction Update:  June 15, 2010

Minor Repairs and Clean Up Work
During the Next 5-10 Days

The Seattle Department of Transportation and its contractor C.A. Carey Construction Company have substantially completed work on the 2010 Fourth Avenue repaving project.

Construction crews will complete minor street and sidewalk repairs and cleanup work this week and next week on Fourth Avenue, as well as Second Avenue (which was substantially completed in 2009), as they wrap up the project.

The most significant part of the wrap up work will occur this weekend:

Second Avenue Ext S :

Second Avenue Ext S will have several road panels replaced between S Washington and S Jackson streets this Friday through Sunday.  Work will begin Friday after the AM peak period and traffic is expected to be heavy during the Friday PM peak period as travel lanes will be reduced to two open lanes.

Fourth Avenue :

Fourth Avenue, just north of Jackson Street, will have concrete panel replacement work done on Saturday and only one lane will be open to traffic until Sunday evening, after the newly poured concrete has hardened.

By Sunday evening, travel lanes in both work areas will be fully open to traffic.


Construction Update:  May 13, 2010
Work on Fourth Avenue Substantially Complete

The Seattle Department of Transportation and its contractor C.A. Carey Construction Company have reached substantial completion of the work on Fourth Avenue about one month ahead of schedule. Final inspections and small repairs remain.

Over the coming weeks, crews will perform minor repairs, lane striping, and other finishing touches on the Fourth Avenue paving project.

Parking and loading zone impacts should be minimal during this work, but it may become necessary for crews to restrict parking during certain work such as lane striping and curb repair. If necessary, these restrictions should be brief.

Crews began the work to rebuild Fourth Avenue, from S Jackson Street to Olive way, in September of 2009.  This segment was the most significant in a series of projects completed in the past two years that has resulted in new or rehabilitated pavement on Fourth Avenue from Royal Brougham to Denny Way.  This heavily traveled roadway is now set to last several decades into the future.

Construction Update:  May 4, 2010

The Seattle Department of Transportation and its contractor C.A. Carey Construction Company are nearing completion of work on Fourth Avenue. Before wrapping up the project it is necessary to fix a dip in the road at the Cherry Street/Fourth Avenue intersection.

Construction crews will make improvements to the uphill grade at Cherry Street on the east side of Fourth Avenue beginning Wednesday, May 5th and continuing through the end of next week.

Traffic/Other Impacts:

During this work, traffic will be restricted to two lanes on Cherry Street between Third and Fifth avenues.  There will be restrictions to parking as well.  The right lane of Fourth Avenue approaching Cherry will also be closed at times. 

This work is being completed during the Cherry Street/I-5 on ramp closure when traffic volumes on Cherry Street are expected to be less than normal.


Construction Update:  April 20, 2010
Work on Fourth Avenue Nearing Completion

The final phase of construction on Fourth Avenue continues.  Construction crews have completed replacing concrete roadway panels on Fourth Avenue.   Over the course of the last 14 months, all of Fourth and Second avenues have been rehabilitated between Denny Way and Jackson Street. 

A significant amount of sidewalk work remains in the four blocks between Seneca and Pine and traffic will continue to be restricted throughout the rest of April and into early May.  But, the end of this project is near! 

Project Contacts:

Sara Wilson, Community Communications Officer, (206) 795-3066

George Frost, Public Outreach Coordinator, (206) 615-0786

Si usted necesita esta información traducida al español por favor llame al 206-733-9990.

The project will reconstruct most of Fourth Avenue between S Jackson Street and Seneca Street, and replace selected concrete panels between Seneca Street and Olive Way.  It also includes work already started and completed in 2009 on Second Avenue and the Second Avenue Extension S between Pine Street and S Jackson Street.  In addition to replacement of concrete panels, work on Fourth Avenue will include upgraded curb ramps, sidewalk repair, restriping of lane markings and minor drainage improvements.

The funding for this project is provided by the Bridging the Gap Transportation Levy approved by Seattle voters in 2006.

Originally scheduled for 2010 construction, this project was accelerated in 2009 to create jobs and support the local economy.

What to Expect During Work

  • Lane closures
  • Pedestrian and vehicle detours
  • Parking and loading restrictions
  • Moderate construction noise and dust
  • Instances of weekday, weekend and night work
  • Regular notices with more location specific information during construction
  • Some of this work is weather dependent, and the schedule may be adjusted as the project moves forward

Project Contacts

Sara Wilson, Community Communications Officer, (206) 795-3066
George Frost, Public Outreach Coordinator,, (206) 615-0786

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