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Traffic Signal at the 2700 Block of NE 45th Street

Updated March 6, 2006

In the summer of 2005, the City of Seattle Department of Transportation considered closing the driveway located on the north side of the 2700 block of NE 45th Street due to the high number of collisions at that location. Area business owners indicated they desired a signal, and made a request of the City that they be allowed to submit data, and if it supported the installation of a traffic signal, they be allowed to pay for a signal to be installed. The City agreed to consider the data. The analysis was completed, and it showed the signal was warranted.

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The City applied to the State of Washington for a signal permit (the state's permission was required because the road is a state route). The permit was issued, and construction began just after the 2005 holiday season. The signal is being installed at the expense of area businesses. It will be operational by early April. It will be interconnected with the adjacent signals at Union Bay Place and the base of the 45th Street Viaduct. Analysis of the impacts and modeling of travel time show there will be no increase in delay. In addition, it will provide for often-requested assistance in pedestrian movement across the street, which is otherwise a very long stretch without protected pedestrian crossings.

For more information, contact Joseph Couples at 684-5246

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