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Third Avenue Bus Zone Improvement Project – ITS Kiosks

December 17, 2013

Construction substantially complete

Transit Information Kiosk Units installed this week!

Construction to build transit infrastructure improvements along 3rd Avenue, between Pine Street and Yesler Way, and on Prefontaine Place South, is now substantially complete. Transit Information kiosks are being installed at each RapidRide bus stop location, followed by sidewalk restoration. The kiosks are expected to be fully operational this week.



Phase 1 & 2

Southbound 3rd Avenue and Pike Street

Northbound Prefontaine Place South

Phase 3

Westbound Columbia Street
between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue

Seneca St.
Between 2nd and 3rd Avenue






Project Overview

The Seattle Department of Transportation and King County Metro Transit are building better public transportation infrastructure through projects that improve corridors and connections, including this project to improve the Third Avenue Transit Corridor - a major downtown transit corridor that carries Metro’s traditional bus options and its RapidRide C Line. In partnership with King County Metro and Seattle City Light, SDOT installed Transit Information  kiosks with ORCA card readers at RapidRide stops along Third Avenue in downtown Seattle. The improvements will:

  • Help transit run more reliably
  • Improve overall capacity to move people around the region
  • Improve transit connections and rider experience

The installations are between Pike and Pine streets; Spring and Seneca streets; Cherry and Columbia streets; and just south of Yesler Way, as shown on the map.

Scope of work

The installation of Transit Information kiosks and ORCA card readers required the demolition of nearby sidewalks, the installation of wires and power conduits, and the restoration of sidewalks after the kiosks and card readers were installed.

Transit Information kiosks are electronic information boards that will allow bus riders users to visually track the projected arrival times of their buses in real time through the kiosk’s digital display.

ORCA card readers allow RapidRide passengers to pay for their rides before the bus arrives, thereby reducing the time required for boarding.

Project Schedule

Construction was divided into three phases, taking place on weekdays between peak commute times, to minimize impacts. Each phase took approximately two weeks to complete, with occasional weekend work. The phases and initial construction schedule were as follows:

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

October 12 to October 25

October 25 to November 8

November 4 to November 22

East and west sides of 3rd Avenue between Cherry St. and Columbia St.

West side of 3rd Avenue between Pike St. and Pine St.

East side of 3rd Avenue between Pike Street and Pine Street.

East and west sides of 3rd Avenue between Spring St. and Seneca St.

West side of Prefontaine Place South between Yesler Way and 4th Avenue.

North and south sides of Seneca St. between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue.

North side of Columbia St. between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue


Project Funding

This Third Avenue Transit Corridor improvements project is funded in part by Bridging the Gap, as well as Federal Transit Administration dollars.

FTA Bridging the Gap

More Information

If you have comments or questions about the 3rd Avenue Bus Zone Improvement Project – Transit Information Kiosks please contact us at:

Raffaela Oeler, Community Communications Officer
Phone: 206-999-7064

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