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2010 Bridge Painting Projects

2010 Ballard Bridge Painting Project
Project Update – October 25, 2010

Re-Painting of North and South Approaches to Ballard Bridge Continues
Work Currently Going On Underneath Bridge Approaches

A contractor working for Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has completed re-painting the handrails on the east and west sides of the Ballard Bridge approaches.  All sidewalks and stairwells on the bridge are open as of late September.  No further closures of the stairwells or sidewalks are anticipated.  There will be workers on the sidewalks occasionally performing touch up operations on the railings.  If necessary, they will use a flagger to safely work with pedestrians and bicycle traffic.

Since the re-painting of the handrails has been completed, the contractor has been working underneath the bridge approaches.  Most of the remaining work will continue to be performed underneath, with the exception of maybe one or two days only, where the contractor will work above and require temporary traffic restrictions. 

Overall, the painting project is expected to be completed by spring 2011.

2010 Ballard Bridge Painting Project

August 2010 to March 2011

Project Description

The Ballard Bridge Approaches project is the 2010 site in SDOT’s Annual Bridge Painting Program, an ongoing asset preservation effort that provides for the periodic painting of each of the City’s 20 structural steel bridges. The painting will provide for enhanced aesthetic appeal as well as protect the steel bridge elements for an additional 15 years against corrosion and other weather deterioration. 

The 2010 bridge painting project is only for the north and south approaches.

It does not include the main portion of the bridge where the roadway can be raised to allow passage for boats and ships. This is called the bascule section and is scheduled for 2011 under another contract.

The project includes:

  • pressure washing, removing rust and damaged paint
  • applying primer paint where necessary
  • painting all of the exposed steel components (girders, floor beams, bracing, brackets, painted   utility pipes and attachment accessories)
  • painting bridge rails and stairs
  • matching the existing paint color (green)

The north bridge approach runs from NW Ballard Way to the deck joint before the bascule section of the bridge.

The south bridge approach runs from the intersection of W Emerson Street and 15th Avenue W to the deck joint before the bascule section of the bridge.

What to Expect During Construction

  • Traffic lane closures
  • Alternating west side/east side sidewalk closure
  • Pedestrian and bicycle detours (see DETOUR MAP for bicycle detours)
  • Moderate construction noise and dust
  • Normal work hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. with occasional night time and weekend work
  • Construction updates provided by SDOT during construction


Detour Maps

Project Contacts

George Frost, Public Outreach Coordinator
(206) 615-0786

Ron Scharf, Project Manager
(206) 684-5192

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