Transit Advisory Board

Qualities of the positions:

  • Two year terms
  • Six appointed by Mayor
  • Five appointed by City Council
  • One Get Engaged member
  • Appointments confirmed by City Council
MemberTerm ExpiresPosition
Marci Carpenter 8/2/18 Member
Jennifer Malley 8/2/19 Co-Chair
Andrew Martin 8/2/18 Member
Ron Posthuma 8/2/18 Move Seattle Levy Oversight Committee Liaison
Alexandra Rouse 8/2/19 Member
Carla Saulter 8/2/19 Member
Michelle Tang 8/31/18 Secretary (Get Engaged)
Erin Tighe 8/2/19 Co-Chair
Katie Wilson 8/2/18 Member

Boardmember Bios

Marci Carpenter

Marci is a lifelong transit rider and a lifelong activist and volunteer in the disability community. She serves as President of the National Federation of the Blind of Washington. She has previously served as a member of Boulder, Colorado’s citizen Ad Hoc Transportation Committee.

Jennifer Malley

Jen is the Transportation Policy, Planning & Projects Supervisor at Seattle Children's Hospital, where she manages the implementation of innovative, multi-modal strategies to reduce the organization's drive alone rate. A graduate of the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, Jen is passionate about improving mobility options and traffic safety for Seattle residents of all ages, abilities and income levels. She is an avid bike-to-light rail commuter from her South Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Andrew Martin

Andrew's experience with transit and interest in transit planning in Seattle started when he lived in the U-district as a teenager attending a program for visually disabled teens. He went on to attend the UW for his undergraduate study and became very familiar with many bus routes in the city. After working in Seattle for a few years, his career took him to other cities where he gained first-hand experience with how other major metropolitan areas have designed transit systems with bus and rail such as Washington DC, and the Bay Area. More recently he served on the Link Connections Sounding Board and on Metro's Transit Advisory Board.

Ron Posthuma

Ron has a long professional career in transit, including at the U.S. Department of Transportation, King County Department of Transportation and Puget Sound Regional Council Transportation Policy Board. Now retired, he remains active in civic affairs and is ready to bring an inside view of transit planning to the Transit Advisory Board.

Alexandra Rouse

Alexandra (Alex) Rouse works on federal policy on physical infrastructure issues, but her passion is ensuring Seattle is an inclusive, vibrant city. She is eager to make Seattle a more accessible city and having lived in 8 different neighborhoods around the City and as a multi-modal commuter, brings a valuable point of view. Alex has outreach experience in diverse communities around the city, from door-belling for local initiatives to recruiting teens from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to join a leadership program. Her background is in public financing and expertise connecting with other cities and local agencies.

Carla Saulter

Carla is a writer, a public transportation advocate, and a lifelong King County Metro rider who is passionate about social and environmental justice. Carla is the former director of outreach & communications for Transportation Choices Coalition, where she developed a number of innovative outreach programs, including Books on the Bus & Ride Transit Month. She is also a former member of the King County Council's Transit Advisory Committee. Carla currently works as a freelance writer, primarily focusing on her love of transit & instilling that value in her young children.

Michelle Tang

Michelle uses transit as her primary mode of transportation across the city & to the east side for work, and has been an active commute coach for the Metro vanpool program. She is excited about the opportunity to be a voice for Seattle/East side commuters, and ensure that the perspectives of other community users - including seniors, youth, peak & off-peak riders - are heard.

Erin Tighe

Erin is a recent college graduate, interested in politics and government. She has become active in transportation and transit issues, both within her neighborhood and as part of Metro’s Link Connections Sounding Board.

Katie Wilson

Katie serves as General Secretary of the Transit Riders Union, an independent, member-run union of transit riders organizing for better public transit in Seattle, King County, and beyond. She seeks to ensure that the interests of low income, senior, and disabled transit riders are taken into account on the Board.

Former Boardmembers

Ifrah Abshir 2017 Member
Ezra Basom 2015-2017 Member
Carla Chávez 2015-2018 Vice-Chair
Kevin Duffy-Greaves 2015-2017 Member
Celeste Gilman 2015-2017 Member
Jonathan Howard 2015-2017 Secretary
Zach Shaner 2015-2017 Bicycle Advisory Board Liaison
Quinn Majeski 2016 Member (Get Engaged)
Odessa Stevens 2015-2016 Secretary (Get Engaged)
Annie Tran 2017 Member (Get Engaged)
Harriet Wasserman 2015-2016 Pedestrian Advisory Board Liaison