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Seattle Historic Tours -- Columbia City

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Columbia City still has something of the look and feel of the self-contained mill town that it was in 1907, when it was annexed to Seattle. Designated a Landmark District in 1978, the pedestrian-friendly neighborhood includes more than 40 historic commercial and residential buildings. At the center is a "village green" with a stately Andrew Carnegie library. Several of the older buildings have been renovated recently, and once boarded up storefronts have been turned into restaurants, an art gallery, offices, and other businesses. Located seven miles southeast of downtown Seattle, the Landmark District is bounded by Alaska and Dawson streets (to the north and south) and by 39th and 35th avenues S (east and west).

This Cybertour was prepared by Cassandra Tate and produced by Chris Goodman, with historical photographs provided by the Rainier Valley Historical Society and Paul Dorpat, and funding by the City of Seattle.


This tour is intended for personal use only and was prepared by HistoryLink for the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development, Tourist Division. Copyright 2001, City of Seattle. All references to contemporary businesses in this tour date from June 2001. They are cited for orientation and information purposes only and do not imply recommendation or endorsement by the City of Seattle or by HistoryLink.

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Produced by for the City of Seattle, Office of Economic Development, Tourism Division