2012 Technology Matching Fund Projects

African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest

African Chamber of Commerce Computer Literacy Plan

Provide computer instruction to help African immigrants and refugees gain skills for employment and in use of social media. Classes will be held in Rainier Beach in partnership with the Center for East African Community Affairs.
Award: $12,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Alliance of People with disAbilities

disAbility Toolbox

Augment the instruction and hardware at the Independence Technology & Employment Computer Lab to better serve individuals with mental health and other non-visible disabilities.
Award: $5,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Atlantic Street Center

If You're Not Online, You're Falling Behind

Increase available hardware and technology access for teen parents and caretakers of children in K - 12 schools. Conduct a "hip and socially relevant" digital exclusion awareness campaign, hosting events and providing hands-on computer and Internet training.
$19,770 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Barton Place Apartments / Seattle Housing Authority

Barton Place Computer Lab

Install a new computer mini-lab with 2 computers and a printer in an SHA housing building in Rainier Beach. Low income residents will gain computer skills through drop-sessions and instructor-led classes.
Award: $14,658 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Child Care Resources

Computer Assistance for Child Care Providers

Set up a mobile computer lab equipped with Internet access to increase tech literacy for low-income child care providers, so they can register, and participate in Early Achievers, the Quality Rating Improvement System. Award: $9,100 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Children's Home Society of WA / North Seattle Family Center

Lake City Court Computer Lab Expansion Project

Upgrade the computer lab at SHA's Lake City Court family housing complex with assistive technology and language software to provide better support for limited English speakers and individuals with disabilities. Offer additional workshops to improve employment and education for low income families.
Award: $18,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Chinese Information and Service Center

Come on! You are part of it!

Host two civic engagement and digital media production training camps for 20 immigrant youth. Participants will use digital media to explore various civic issues and present possible solutions to the community.
Award: $6,300 Type: Civic Engagement

Entre Hermanos

Digital Stories for Civic Engagement: LGBT Latinos

Train LGBT Latinos to produce digital stories on the issues that matter most. Post the stories on the mappingvoices.org civic engagement map and elsehwere. Share with policy-makers and the community.
Award: $15,000 Type: Civic Engagement

Gay City Health Project

Gay City LGBT Library and Resource Center
Assist and train LGBT youth, homeless, transgender and other vulnerable sub-populations with technology skills and online applications for jobs and benefits. The Resource Center will add two computers and the capacity to text questions to the library.
Award: $17,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Jack Straw Foundation

Blind Audio Project

Upgrade recording studio and editing capabilities and provide a series of hands-on workshops for blind and visually impaired youth and adults. Students will work with a team of professionals to create and share audio stories. Award: $14,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Jubilee Women's Center

Empowering Women through Digital Inclusion

Expand their Education Center training to assist low-income and homeless women gain vital skills necessary to achieving economic self-sufficiency.
Award: $17,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Low Income Housing Institute

Computer Technology and Job Search Training

Build on a pilot project to engage volunteers to help formerly homeless, low-income, senior and disabled residents of LIHI housing to improve their computer technology and job search skills. Expand program to 4 locations, South Lake Union, Greenwood, Pioneer Square and Georgetown.
Award: $17,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Millionair Club Charity

Computer lab update and tech literacy project

Upgrade 8 year old computers with modern hardware and software to expand the lab's capacity, and develop a volunteer-led technology literacy program for job-seeking homeless and under-housed adults.
Award: $7,915 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Neighborhood House at High Point and Rainier Vista

Technology Prep Career Program (TPCP)

Provide computer based instruction and lab time to help low income families with English proficiency, financial literacy, citizenship, access to benefits, and employment. Offer community-wide events focused on employment and college attainment for youth.
Award: $16,813 Type: Technology Literacy and Access


English Innovations

Offer technology-based ESL classes for adult immigrants, using laptops and volunteer mentors to build English skills, technology comfort, and civic engagement. This includes subscriptions to LiveMocha, an online English language learning application.
Award: $15,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Oromo Cultural Center

Oromo Cultural Center Technology Project

Upgrade six computers and provide training to Oromo, Somalian, Gambian, and East African adults to improve employment and economic opportunities. Recruit participants who are willing to provide volunteer instuction back to the community.
Award: $17,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition

Rainier Beach Wisdom Commons

Expand the citizen and organization journalists program with adults and youth collecting and disseminating community information related to Rainier Beach and implementation of the RB 2014 neighborhood plan. Provide a hardware lending library to help enable the journalists.
Award: $15,000 Type: Civic Engagement

Seattle Globalist

Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative

Partner with 4 after-school programs that serve diverse, low-income, and at-risk youth to offer training in media literacy and production. Provide two intensive media production camps and develop a new apprenticeship program, where youth will work side by side with journalists.
Award: $18,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Southeast Seattle Education Coalition

Technology for Community Engagement

Expand the current Wordpress website to include a blog and other features to mobilize Southeast Seattle's ethnic community based organizations to advocate and influence policy, especially related to public school improvement. Develop a technology plan and pilot to focus effective use of electronic tools.
Award: $8,525 Type: Civic Engagement


Online Document Access for the Homeless

Pilot a system and training to scan and store important documents online for the homeless. Train participants to retrieve this information, routinely needed to secure benefits and access to services.
Award: $16,145 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Tenants Union of Washington State

Tenants Unite: Language Access Project

Expand the Tenants Union's website and mobile access to include tenants' rights resources and information in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali. Provide public access computers, interpretation and tech training in the Rainier Valley, training tenants in immigrant and ethnic communities to use online tools to share their stories and take leadership.
Award: $19,774 Type: Civic Engagement

Tierra Madre Fund

Gen7: Native Technology and Cultural Education

Develop and teach technology classes to Native American middle school students. Students will build computer animations and games based on traditional Native American stories. They will also create games to teach about the Native language, Lushootseed, and Native plant knowledge. They will also showcase their projects to the community.
Award: $14,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Youth in Focus

Digital Literacy Through Photography

Offer two advanced-level digital photography classes for disadvantaged teens, providing training in photography skills and online content sharing
Award: $7,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access