Public Access TV

The Seattle Community College District (SCCD) is Seattle's Public Access Channel manager, operating public access television as Seattle Community Media.

Seattle Community Media not only broadcasts the public access television signal, they also manage all related public access television services, allowing community members to produce and air their own programs on the channel [Comcast Channel 77 / Wave Channel 23].  Services include:

  • Access to production tools like cameras, microphones, and editing and studio space.
  • Access to stream programs on-demand on the Seattle Community Media website and access to a wide variety of easy-to-use online tools.
  • Ability to control the messaging about your programs that television viewers and online viewers will see.
  • Ability to upload your finished programs from anywhere you have access to the web and to schedule when your program will air.

Becoming a Seattle Community Media member/producer provides residents with a venue to broadcast their message to viewers throughout King County. The equipment is available for producers to use at the North Seattle Community College facility, or to borrow for use outside of the facility.

Community members interested in using the services, facilities and equipment of Seattle Community Media can become a "member" for a small annual fee.  More information on membership is available here.


In July 2011, the Seattle Community College District (SCCD) became Seattle's Public Access Channel manager. Prior to SCCD, Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN) served as the City's public access channel manager. With a contract expiration of December 31, 2010, the City issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to seek a public access provider for the next contract period. The RFP reflected a new model for Seattle public access television, based on the belief that advances in digital media production and distribution technologies create new, lower-cost alternatives for community and individual expression. The new model sought to rely less on financial support from the City and to supplement traditional television production techniques with new social media technologies.

The planning for the RFP and future operation of public access television included Seattle's Community Technology Advisory Board (CTAB) and Office of Cable Communications seeking input from viewers, producers and operators, representatives of the film and video industry, non-profit organizations, community groups and interested members of the public. An online survey and questionnaire were used, along with CTAB hosting a public workshop and conducting targeted interviews with limited English speaking producers and viewers. For results of the online survey and questionnaire, see the below links.

For more details on City's contract with the Seattle Community College District VI, including RFP and SCCD proposal documents, see Seattle City Ordinance 123640