Research & Publications

Here are some of the research reports, presentations and educational materials we have created.

The  Information Technology Indicators project measures technology access and adoption by the residents of Seattle.  This looks at Internet, mobile devices, essential services online, cable issues, e-civic engagment  and barriers to adoption.  Note: a 2014 report will be released in May. 

The Race and Social Justice Information Technology Project Management Checklist is a series of questions to be used to guide inclusive planning, design and product deployment for internl and external IT projects, both web and non-web related.

Integrating Technology Skills Training with English as a Second Language and basic education: We commissioned research into how best to connect technology skills programs with the needs of English language learners.  Bob Hughes and Associates helped develop a model program proposal called Project EL/Tech: Integrating for Advancement: A Project-based, Computer-delivered Model .  We also have a background report on findings that includes ESL and tech literacy resources .

Comments filed with FCC concerning proposed Digital Literacy Program in Universal Service Reform proceedings, 2012. Filed by City of Seattle and Washington State Council on Digital Inclusion/ Communities Connect Network


Online Community Building and E-activism civic engagement workshop, 3/25/14. (See Slideshare online or download Powerpoint (3.2Mb)) Presented as part of Department of Neighborhoods PACE program. David Keyes, Vicky Yuki with Phillip Duggan of Pinehurst Community Council and our tech advisory board, and Joe Szilagyi, Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council & West Seattle Transit Coalition.

Youth Civic Voice: Empowering Young People to Take Action Online.  Slides of presentation by David Keyes with Chris Tugwell of the YMCA at the National Coalistion for Dialogue and Diversity Conference

Driving Broadband Adoption: How to implement cost effective programs in your community. E-natoa seminar, April 11, 2011
David Keyes' powerpoint
Jan 11, 2010 Austin Connects keynote: The Faces of Community Technology David Keyes' Powerpoint

Dissertation by Ming-Chun Lee (pdf document), including an examination of Seattle's Technology Matching Fund, titled:"An Integrated Model of Community Technology: An Asset-based Approach to Community-based Computer Learning"