For Organizations

Available here are tools, resources and links your organization may find useful as you meet the digital inclusion needs of your clients. We offer funding for computer labs, civic engagement projects, cable broadband for your organization and public access points, access to the City's surplus computers, and a connection to our database of resources through our partner, Communities Connect Network

Resources for Instructors and Lab Coordinators

Digital Literacy and Education Resources

Digital Literacy and Education Resources

Communities Connect NetworkA national library of links to best practices and learning materials developed and shared with the Community Technology Network Bay Area and other community computer training providers.
Federal government portal for digital literacy tools, curriculum and evaluation materials.
The Public Library Association's new site to create and online hub for digial literacy support and training.

Microsoft Digital Literacy
Online courses to learn the essential skills to begin computing and using technology at home, school and work.

GCF Learn FreeGoodwill Community Foundation's free online learning of technology, literacy, and match skills needed to be successful in both work and life.

Khan AcademyFree world-class online education and resource site for teachers, students, home-schoolers, principals, adults returning to school, and even aliens trying to get a leg up in earthly biology.

YTECH Civic Voice Curriculum
Project-based service learning guides that explore community issues.  Young people use digital media to tell stories, share their voice and develop action plans to spark dialogue and change in their communities.

Fearless Cards Project
A project of the University of Washington iSchool, Fearless Cards help under-served communities overcome emothional barriers to learn computer and Internet use. (English and Spanish)

Technology Purchasing, Planning & Tips

Technology Purchasing, Planning and Tips

Good360 (Formerly Gifts in Kind)
Okay, this one isn't specifically tech purchasing, but Good360 provides a wide range of discounted products to nonprofits, including hardware, software, housewares, clothing, office equipment and supplies, and more.

Tech Soup

National hub for discounts for non-profits on hardware and software, including Microsoft software. TechSoup also provides a wide range of articles and tips on selecting and using technology and services. Also see their resource page on technology planning and their Healthy and Secure Computing Workbook.

Groundwire (formerly One Northwest)
Groundwire provides technology assistance and resources for environmental organizations in the Northwest.

NPower Northwest

Providing technology consulting, training, and tech support to non-profits in the northwest. Based in Seattle.


National non-profit technology network. Hosts annual conference, ongoing training, and online resources.

Help for non-profits making software decisions.

TechAtlas is an online tool to help nonprofits create a customized technology plan with recommendations for implementation and to track inventory.

Lab Rules & Policies

Network Notebook
This a place where you can store all your organization's network and technology information.

Public Computer Use Policy
Created in coordination between RecTech and City of Seattle Community Technology Program.

Internet Content Filtering Policy
Policy on Internet filtering at the six RecTech computer labs located in Seattle's Parks and Recreation Communities.

WiFi Log-in Policy/Disclaimer
Public WiFi terms of use at the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Community Center facilities.