Surveillance Advisory Working Group

The Surveillance Ordinance also includes a Working Group. The primary role of this group is to provide a privacy and civil liberties impact assessment for each SIR. These assessments shall include a description of the potential impact of the surveillance technology on civil rights and liberties and potential disparate impacts on communities of color and other marginalized communities.

Working Group Members  

  • Negin Dahya, Assistant Professor, University of Washington
  • Masih Fouladi, Executive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations of Washington
  • Michelle Merriweather, President and CEO, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
  • Asha Mohamed, Somali Youth and Family Club
  • Shankar Narayan, Technology and Liberty Project Director, ACLU of Washington
  • Rich Stolz, Executive Director, OneAmerica
  • Joe Woolley, Member at Large