Low Cost Internet & Computers

Who offers discounts on computers and home Internet service for low-income residents?
Three companies offer low-cost, high-speed Internet in Seattle, all for around $10 a month.  You can also purchase laptops, desktop computers and tablet starting at $99, and qualify for a discounted smart phone plan as well.  With help from these programs, you can check your email, do your homework, search for jobs, pay your bills, watch videos, download music, and much more. See below for general info and contact about each of these offerings.

Low Cost Internet

CenturyLink logo
CenturyLink Internet Basics
(866) 541-3330

  • $10/month Internet + $2/month broadband recovery fee (for 1.5 Mbps speed)
  • DSHS recipient or income below 135% Poverty Level
  • Internet wired to your home via phone line
  • $150 Laptops available (includes Windows 7 Starter, no anti-virus software)
  • No CenturyLink Internet service for past 90 days or unpaid CenturyLink bills

Comcast Logo

Internet Essentials Program
(855) 846-8376

  • $10/month unlimited Internet
  • Must have a child who qualifies for free or reduced school lunch
  • Cable Internet wired to your home
  • $150 Laptops available
  • No Comcast Internet service for past 90 days or recent unpaid Comcast bills

EveryoneOn logo


  • $10/month Internet for 1.2GB at 4G speed, then unlimited 3G speed
  • $20/month Internet for 3.2GB at 4G speed, then unlimited 3G speed
  • Must be referred by qualifying partner or live in low income zip code area
  • Computers & Internet
  • Training & Learning

Affordable Computers

InterConnection Logo

(206) 633-1517

  • $99 refurbished laptops with a range of software (Windows 7 Pro, Office 2010 Home, Anti-virus, and a 90-day warranty)
  • Desktops, flat screens, tablets and high-end laptops are also available
  • DSHS recipient or income below 80% Area Median.  See income limits here
  • They have a store in Seattle offering products and assistance

Discounted Smart Phones

ConnectUp logo

ConnectUp Internet help
(206) 694-6771

  • Free/discounted phone and smart phone programs
  • Brochure comparing the details of Internet discount programs for low-income residents

Contact Vicky Yuki, Outreach & Education Coordinator, by email or by phone at 206-233-7877, for more information.