Low Cost Internet & Computers

Who offers discounts on computers and home Internet service for low-income residents?

Four companies in our area (Comcast, CenturyLink, Mobile Citizen/InterConnection and Freedom Pop/Connect2Compete) offer Internet for low-income residents for about $10/month. Most also offer lower cost computers. They all have income and other eligibility guidelines for the dicounted service. The Solid Ground ConnectUp staff is available for presentations or to help individual low-income residents understand their options. See the chart below for contact and general info about each of these offerings. Hear about the programs and how non-profits can help by viewing a workshop webinar we held with presentations by the companies and organizations helping low-income residents connect.
Click here to listen and view the presentation (total is 1 hour including questions).

Looking for a computer to use or for training? Visit our Free Access to Computers and the Internet page for locations and hours of public access computer centers.

ConnectUp logo

ConnectUp phone/Internet help
(206) 694-6771

  • Helps people over the phone and in-person to access low-income internet programs
  • Free/discounted phone programs (including smart phone plans)
  • Brochure comparing the details of Internet discount programs for low-income residents.

Comcast Logo

Internet Essentials Program
1(855) 846-8376

  • Approximately $10/month Internet
  • Must have a child eligible for free or reduced lunch
  • Cable Internet wired to your home
  • Laptop purchase available
  • Not eligible if you have existing Comcast Internet service
  • Internet safety & education materials offered

CenturyLink logo

CenturyLink Internet Basics
1(866) 541-3330

  • Somewhat over $10/month Internet
  • Eligible if on most public assistance programs (broader than Comcast)
  • Internet wired to your home via phone line
  • Laptop purchase available
  • Not eligible if you have existing CenturyLink Internet service
  • Internet safety & education materials offered

InterConnection Logo

Interconnection/Mobile Citizen (Clear)
(206) 633-1517

  • Offers Clear mobile Internet for $8 w/laptop purchase or about $10/month without laptop purchase
  • Eligible if on most public assistance programs
  • Refurbished full laptops with a range of software
  • They have a store in Seattle offering products and assistance

EveryoneOn logo

  • National site to encouraging broadband adoption, refer people to training centers and materials, and connect people to low-cost Internet service providers.
  • In Seattle, the providers they work with are Comcast Internet Essentials and Freedom Pop (Clear wireless/mobile Internet).
  • FreedomPop offers discounts based on zip codes and non-profit partner referrals.
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  • Training & Learning