2011 Technology Matching Fund Projects

Casa Latina

Mobile Computer Lab

Build a mobile computer lab and train a team of worker-leaders and volunteers to provide basic computer and Internet training for Latino immigrants
Award: $14,837   Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Coalition for Refugees from Burma

Mobile Computer Lab Expansion

Hire part-time staff to expand hours of mobile computer lab training and offer a summer computer literacy camp for newly arrived refugees from Burma.
Award: $17,750 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Downtown Emergency Service Center

Technology Access & Literacy Enhancement

Upgrade computers at the Drop-in Center and Computer Lab serving homeless clients, and provide portable USB drives to clients enrolled in technology and job skills classes. Upgrade software to Microsoft Professional Plus so that clients can learn to use current workplace applications.
Award: $15,000  Type: Civic Engagement

Ethiopian Community Services 

Computer Resource Center Project

Upgrade the existing resource center with state-of-the art desktop and laptop computers and software to provide Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans with English and Amharic learning resources, homework help, job and Internet skills. Award: $17,296  Type: Technology Literacy and Access


PC Hardware Repair Training and A+ Certification Program

Develop a three month training program in partnership with the business community that offers low income individuals job skills and life skills training, real world job experience and industry level A+ certification.
Award: $15,733 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Jack Straw Foundation

Language and Technology Literacy: English Language Learners

English Language Learners attending the Seattle Public Schools' Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center will write, perform and record their own audio pieces around family and cultural traditions and community issues. Funds will also upgrade the technology in the main Jack Straw studio to provide higher quality audio and video production capacity.
Award: $19,924 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

NW Parkinson's Foundation

Health Web Browsing Training for People Living with Parkinson's Disease

Develop and implement six training seminars for people with Parkinson's disease on how to use their website health resources and chat rooms, and introduce adaptive technology to aid web navigation for people with hand tremors and other motor difficulties.
Award: $5,700 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Plymouth Housing Group

Plymouth Place Computer Resource Center Upgrade

Replace eight computers in the Computer Resource Center and expand programming to involve low income tenants in greater community awareness, problem solving and civic engagement.
Award: $3,600  Type: Civic Engagement

Reel Grrls

Project Access

Upgrade media lab with voice recognition software and other adaptive equipment to expand media production training to serve teenage girls with disabilities. The project will have girls with and without disabilities work together to produce a documentary about disability access issues and programs in King County.  Award: $16,555  Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Salaam Urban Village Association

Technology Education Center

Provide technology training with translation support to 40 East African youth and adults. Create an ongoing digital storytelling program that records the life stories of elders in the community.
Award: $16,555  Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority

Building Community (Capacity) through Social Media

Educate immigrant and refugee small business owners, youth volunteers, elders and other community stakeholders in the Chinatown/International District on how to use social media to improve economic development and to increase collaboration.  Award: $17,970  Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Seattle Globalist

Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative

Provide media literacy training in partnership with three after school programs serving diverse, low income and at risk youth in Seattle.
Award: $17,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Seattle Young People's Project

Boot Up: Youth Organizing in the New Media

Provide a four month internship program that will prepare 15 low-income youth of color between the ages of 12 and 18 to utilize information technology and social media as tools for positive change.
Award: $15,290 Type: Civic Engagement


King County Youth Development Network

Improve and expand the King County Youth Development Network website, an online resource for youth development workers. Leverage use of PugetSoundOff.org.
Award: $12,200 Type: Civic Engagement

SODO Business Association

SODO Interactive Website

Create an interactive website linking the SODO Business District and their diverse stakeholders, including small and large businesses, lower wage part-time employees and swing shift workers, and providing the opportunity for the people who use and travel through the area to comment and give feedback.
Award: $4,000 Type: Civic Engagement

Technology Access Foundation

TechStart Columbia City 2011-12

Provide after school STEM classes for underprivileged youth in 1st through 8th grade to propel them toward academic and professional success by teaching them how to use technology and improve their academic skills.
Award; $20,000  Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Vietnamese Friendship Association

Resource Technology Center

Create a Youth Leadership Council where 10 low income, Vietnamese immigrant and refugee youth will use technology and digital media, develop leadership skills, and engage the Vietnamese community through community service.
Award: $15,000 Type: Civic Engagement

Washington CASH 

Technology Workshops for Low Income Entrepreneurs Project

Provide 26 free business focused computer-based workshops to low income entrepreneurs to assist them start or expand small businesses.
Award: $20,000 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

West Seattle Blockwatch Captains' Network

Online System

Develop an online system to efficiently network the Blockwatch captains in Southwest Seattle. Enable residents in areas with public safety concerns to do research and create and update their Blockwatch information online. The project will then share their lessons learned with other underserved neighborhoods to enable them to adapt the technology for their own communities.
Award: $4,000 Type: Civic Engagement

Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

Touchstones: A Walking Tour of Rainier Beach

A walking tour program will reveal the people, history and heritage of 12 locations in Rainier Beach, interacting with online content. Low income residents of color will contribute their own stories via touchstone devices with QR Codes, sparking a collective discussion of the past and present, with the ultimate goal of engaging residents in actively shaping the future.
Award: $11,910 Type: Civic Engagement

Year Up Puget Sound

Closing the Opportunity Divide

Provide low-income students with technology training that will prepare them with skills necessary for entry level livable wage work, help them earn Community College credit and earn a six month internship with leading employers in the Puget Sound.
Award: $16,000  Type: Technology Literacy and Access

YMCA of Greater Seattle - Metrocenter Branch

Mapping Our Home

Provide low income, Latino and Chicano youth ages 12 -19 with technology and training to use mobile devices and PugetSoundOff.org for community-building mapping, creating digital stories, and connecting to their community.
Award: $9,680 Type: Technology Literacy and Access

Youth Media Institute

Youth Out in the Community: Exploring Youth Barriers to Higher Education

Conduct a series of workshops where low income, immigrant youth ages 13-18 will learn and utilize media technologies to engage their broader community and to explore specifically the topic of "Youth Barriers to Higher Education." Youth participants will plan and organize a multimedia community forum.  Award: $14,000 Type: Civic Engagement