Neighborhood and Community Notification Requirements

Throughout the year, all of Seattle's neighborhoods host multiple events from art festivals and concerts to sporting activities and runs/walks. The impacts of events on residents and businesses in these neighborhoods are real.  Neighbors need to be aware of the event, need to plan for alternate access, might not be able to use their normal parking spots, and can have their schedules thrown off by the activity.  Clear and broad advance organizer communication and good work will ensure success for the event and for the neighborhood.

The Seattle Special Events Office and Department of Neighborhoods are prepared to assist you throughout the notification planning and coordination process.  Both offices work together to ensure all parties are communicating and following the notification timeline.

Once you have submitted your application to the Special Events Office, please contact the Neighborhood District Coordinator for the neighborhood(s) where your event is taking place. Neighborhoods are organized into the following regions:

Your Neighborhood District Coordinator will determine the level and timing of outreach required for your event, and provide detailed instructions and due dates in the form of an Outreach Plan.  To execute the plan, sample forms are also provided: