Unmanned Aircraft Systems (more commonly known as "drones") are quickly emerging as a key marketing tools for events and event sponsors.  With their potential for live streaming events to digital audiences, capturing unique content and delivering exclusive viewpoints, drones are all the rage in concept - but are still a work in progress in practicality and government permitting. 

Several things to keep in mind as you consider drone use at your event.  

  1. No drone use is allowed in City of Seattle Parks. 
  2. No drone use is allowed in the City of Seattle unless the drone activity is commercial filming and permitted with a Seattle Master Film Permit.   
  3. In order to obtain a Master Film Permit for commercial filming with drones, the drone operator must first have the proper FAA licenses, and then follow FAA laws and regulations regarding drone flight locations and flight paths.   
  4. With the FAA licenses, the City will review the flight and work and surroundings and add notification, emergency management coordination, and other conditions or restrictions to the drone activity.   

Because the technology, industry, and FAA regulations are still evolving, we recommend you review the following links and then contacting our office before contracting a drone operator.   


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