Getting Involved - Businesses

SPD Safe Place is an initiative designed to assist the victims of hate/bias crime and to encourage the reporting of these crimes.

Safe Place is Free for your business to join!

You will be sent the sticker, training materials, and flyers all for FREE.

There are also in-person, virtual, and training materials available for you or your business. Please contact Officer Korieo to check on availability. 

Either a manager or the owner of a business is permitted to sign their locations up for Safe Place. 

Although the SPD SAFE PLACE program is free and voluntary, it is important that you educate your staff regarding their responsibilities:

If a crime victim enters your premises, your staff should call 911 immediately on the victim's behalf.

Allow the victim to remain in a Safe Place in your business until police arrive. We ask that that space be accessible to the public and not an employee-only area.

If the victim leaves prior to police arrival, re-contact 911 and update the operator with the victim's and/or suspect's description and direction of travel.    

As with any emergency situation, your staff should use due care and caution when providing the victims of crime safe shelter while being mindful of the safety of patrons, co-workers, and compliance with company policy.


What if I need more decals, posters, or information? 
Please email the Safe Place Administrator: Officer Dorian Korieo at or call (206) 386-1793.