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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

Past Minutes of the Board


13 November, 2002, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Key Tower, 700 5th Ave.
Room 4096

Board Members Present: John Coney (outgoing Chair), Suzanne Anderson, Amy Clark, Robert Ketcherside, Charity Ranger, Hemant Bhanoo, Charles Smith, Matthew Amster-Burton, and Margaret McCauley

Absent Members: Mark Schultz (excused)

SDOT Liaison to SPAB: Megan Hoyt

Presenters: Steve Pearce, Brooke Belman (Alaskan Way Viaduct); Tom Bertulis (University District Walking Map)

Public: Michael Ingram (former member), Lois Laughlin (League of Women Voters)

  1. Adopted minutes of 10.09.02 meeting on motion by Anderson and Amster-Burton
  2. Adopted slate of officer candidates on motion by Smith and McCauley:
    • Chair: Rob Ketcherside
    • Vice Chair: Suzanne Anderson
    • Secretary: Amy Clark
  3. Round Robin
    • Ingram attended the Sound Transit Martin Luther King Way open house last week. It appears that no changes or cutbacks have been made to the pedestrian-friendly elements of the design plans. Crossing points are signalized and pedestrian refuge is available.
    • Sound Transit may be able to present to the Board soon.
    • Several members attended a tour of the Monorail route with former ETC Outreach Coordinator Ed Stone. Suzanne will be sending out some notes on the tour.
  4. Presentation of Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Project Surface Improvements Alternatives Report: Steve Pearce and Brooke Belman

    In Phase I of the Viaduct improvement project, the focus is on highly vulnerable areas such as the seawall, which has moved again, possibly due to the Alaska earthquake; and is 25 years beyond its expected 50 year lifespan.

      Three main replacement alternatives:
    1. Modern but larger aerial replacement (est. $2.5-3 billion)
    2. Rebuild the existing structure (est. $2.5-3 billion)
    3. Cut & Cover Tunnel from downtown to the Lake Union Regrade (est. $3.9 billion)

    The Cut & Cover option has the endorsement of the mayor and secretary of transportation.

      Pedestrian points of note:
    • The viaduct will have either aerial or surface alignment from S. King St. & south due to soil conditions; this is an “unfortunate situation” for pedestrians
    • SR 99 will be depressed beneath Mercer & Roy; are working to establish the street pattern now to coincide with the upcoming South Lake Union developments. Seattle Center connections also very important concerning pedestrians.
    • SPAB may want to consider a separate briefing on the Mercer Project

    Tunnel and Streetscapes: Tunnels are no longer planned to have exit ramps inside at midtown. Streetscapes will be designed with either Transit or Open Space as the main priority. Each of the two designs allows for public walkways (30’ promenade at the waterfront as mandated by the City), bike access, cars, and bus and streetcar (with mixed or dedicated right of way) transit. Retail space is factored into the Transit design; public space into the Open design. Ferry terminal should remain in the same location; vehicle access points to the piers will be necessary.

      Possible Funding Sources:
    • Federal money (Corps of Engineers involvement) = about $1 billion for the seawall
    • Port of Seattle, Tolls, LIDs
    • Federal or Regional highway package—possibly next year

    Funds for construction needed in 2006; funding necessary for planning now.

    Suggested Points of Influence: King County Council (representatives to the planning group for the regional transportation referendum); send suggested improvements to the Mayor; lobby Seattle legislators vis a vis funding.

  5. U District Walking Map: Tom Bertulis, Chair of SBAB

    Bertulis presented his draft of the U District Walking Map. The “Ballard Pedestrian’s Friend” was shown as an example of an existing map. He sought comments on themes, routes, verticality, and other issues. Comments requested within one to two weeks.

  6. Discussion of Letter to SPD regarding motorist stings: McCauley

    Letter signed and sent.

  7. King Street Station pedestrian Elements: Ketcherside

    Issue postponed to future meeting pending consideration of a presentation.

  8. SPAB Committee Assignments: Ketcherside

    Ketcherside presented a revision of last year’s committee structure: Education will be discontinued; Plans and Standards now have responsibility for status updates to the Board.

    Revision adopted on motion by Amster-Burton and Smith. Text will be available on SPAB website.

    Board members self-selected SPAB committee membership.

  9. Review Guidelines: Ketcherside

    Ketcherside introduced guidelines for review of advisories major planning projects of interest to the board.

    Guidelines adopted on motion by Coney and McCauley. Text will be available on the SPAB website.

  10. SPAB Letter Policy: Ketcherside

    Ketcherside introduced guidelines for writing advisories on planning projects or other issues.

    Emphasis was placed on the importance of timeliness, the necessity of obtaining a second opinion before mailing advisories, providing Hoyt with an official copy, and referring to past treatment of ongoing issues via the SPAB website.

    Letter Policy adopted on motion by Coney and Anderson.

  11. Public Comment

    There was no public comment.

  12. Adjourn: 8:05 PM.

All SPAB meetings are public meetings of a City Advisory Board. Check the SPAB website at for SPAB minutes, advisories, meetings.