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Past Minutes of the Board



Attendees:Ethan; Suzanne; Pam; Drew; John; Michael; Mark Schultz; Lester; Margaret McCauley; and Rob Ketcherside.

1. North Waterfront Access Project - Leslie Bain Weinstein Copeland Architects

Leslie Bain discussed with the SPAB the Concept Level Options of the North Waterfront Access Project. She said the goals of the project are: to create places for pedestrians, resource stewardship, access and amenities. The problems that need addressed are accommodations for bicycles, incorporation of pedestrian and transit systems and large scale opportunities, i.e. how the North Waterfront might tie in with other projects developing in the City.

John Coney moved that SPAB should send a letter the City of commendation for the North Waterfront Access Project and recommend that the project be incorporated into the City Comprehensive Plan. The moved was seconded and approved by all in attendance.

John Coney will write the letter and the letter will be submitted when the North Waterfront Access Project is submitted to the City.

2. Announcements

John Coney mentioned that the West Seattle Exhibition of the Seattle Viaduct Plan is important to follow because of its suggested improvements to the viaduct in the Broad Street area.

Michael said Megan is working on the content for a pedestrian website and suggested that we submit any ideas we might have for the website to her.

Michael introduced Margaret McCauley and Rob Ketcherside who attended the meeting and are interested in becoming board members.

3. Progress Report of Board Accomplishments

Lester presented a summary of the accomplishments and felt the meeting minutes reflected that the board has had no impact on city policy. The board discussed the importance of our board keeping in closer contact with city officials.

The board will review the summary of accomplishments and submit comments to Lester prior to the December meeting.

4. Budget

Too many inexpensive pedestrian improvements are being cut from the 2002 budget. Michael will draft a letter from SPAB recommending the restoration of NSF and deletion of Neighborhood Operating Fund in the upcoming budget. Michael will call the offices of City Councilmen McIvar and Conlin and alert them that the letter is forthcoming.

5. Board Officer Election at December 12 Meeting

Pam Clark will coordinate the nominations for the election of new board officers for the 2002 season. Send your nominations to Pam. John Coney nominated himself to the position of Chairman; Pam Clark nominated John Coney to position of Chairman. Lester nominated Suzanne Anderson to Vice Chair, but Suzanne declined.

6. December Agenda

Michael to ask Pete Lagerway to join December meeting to discuss the 2002 budget.

7. Adjournment

The meeting ended at 8:00 p.m. Next meeting is Wednesday, December 12.