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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

Past Minutes of the Board

Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

10 July, 2002, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Seattle Municipal Building, Fourth Floor, RH Thompson Room

SPAB Members: present John Coney (Chair.), Michael Ingram, Charles Smith, Suzanne Anderson, Rob Ketcherside , Margaret McCauley,
Excused: Ethan Bacon, Mark Schultz
City Staff: Megan Hoyt (Seattle Transportation, SPAB staff support)
Friends of SPAB: Lois Laughlin, Allan Panitch (Queen Anne Community Council)

  1. Minutes of 5/02 to be adopted by e-mail.
  2. Amendments to the Agenda, none
  3. Presentation by Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement staff Brooke Bellman (EnviroIssues) , Eick Rick (WSDOT), and Steve Pierce (SDOT) on surface improvements under the various alternatives and on comparative costs of the alternatives.
    • Cut & cover alternatives C and D now place north portal at Roy/Aurora. Provide for connections between Seattle Center and South Lake Union via east/west street connections including Thomas, Harrison, Republican, Mercer, and Roy.
    • A new viaduct would place a portal at Thomas/Aurora.
    • C and D provide for surface improvements which could be in various combinations: pedestrian walkways, separate bike paths,
    • Alternative D avoids Pacific Science Center tunneling.
  4. Round Robin - Board Member self-introductions, brief reports, comments, Jefferson Park track letter is in the works with Bacon. Hoyt gives heads up on I-90 Workshop at Union Station. (Coney attended) Hoyt updated the Board on the nomination and appointment progress for new SPAB members by the City Council and Mayor.
    McCauley announced Allied Arts AWVR waterfront walk event.
  5. 6:50 Liaison w/Steinbrueck re/Council sponsored Bike/Ped Forum in Sept. Anderson has contacted Stephanie Pure in CM Steinbrueck's office regarding coordination between the Forum steering committee and SPAB. Coney and SBAB Chair. Tom Bertulis have given Pure a list of contacts. Coney and Feet First Chairman David Levinger have traded ideas for topics.
  6. Criteria for SPAB consideration of non-city planning projects (Ketcherside) This document was not ready for consideration. Advisory on Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement (AWVR) Alternatives This advisory was reviewed. Passed unanimously on a motion by Ingram, seconded by Anderson. The finalized text will be sent by e-mail to SPAB Members and Megan Hoyt for posting on the SPAB Website.
  7. I-90 Alternatives Update Advisory letter Smith provided the November 2000 text. Coney agreed to work with him to update the letter. (Coney attended the subsequent I-90 Bike/ped trail workshop at Union Station, consulted with Barbara Culp of Bike Alliance of WA and with David Levinger of Feet First. A draft will be e-mailed to prepare SPAB members for consideration at the August meeting (tour).
  8. Segway Seattle Regulation Advisory Letter Ingram presented a draft of the advisory to the Mayor and Council recommending that Segways be banned from certain pedestrian rights of way, until it is clear how well these motorized vehicles mix with pedestrians of all types. Passed unanimously on a motion by Ketcherside, seconded by McCauley. The text by Ingram will be sent by e-mail to SPAB Members and Megan Hoyt for posting on the SPAB Website. Coney will ask CM Conlin for an opportunity for SPAB members to participate in a Council Transportation Committee discussion of the Segway issues.
  9. Draft letter re/drivers' violations of pedestrian rights of way in crosswalks. McCauley presented a revised text of this letter to Chief Kerliakowski. The Redmond "sting" operation by local plain clothes police in crosswalks was noted. It was agreed on a suggestion from Hoyt that a "next step" or request for action paragraph is needed to complete the letter text. A re-revised text will be sent by e-mail. The text will be considered at the September SPAB meeting.
  10. Advisory on Pedestrian Stairways Seattle Comprehensive Plan Amendment. Coney presented a revised, narrower version of the Comp. Plan amendment proposed to SPAB by Chris Leman. Coney had revised the text in cooperation with Leman. The amendment calls for inclusion of a map and list of public outdoor city stairways in the city's Comp. Plan. It also designates that the City shall strive to maintain and retain stairway pedestrian rights of way. Passed unanimously on a motion by Coney, seconded by Anderson. The text by Coney will be sent by e-mail to SPAB Members and Megan Hoyt for posting on the SPAB Website.
  11. Waterfront Parks Access Advisory Coney presented a text for an advisory on the pedestrian access points that are funded for the Myrtle Edwards/Port of Seattle Waterfront Parks system. Access points across the Burlington Northern Santa Fe main line and yards include Broad/Alaskan Way, Elliott/W. Thomas, Elliott/W. Prospect (Immunex bike/ped bridge), and the W. Galer Flyover. SPAB had inspected these access points two years ago in August '00. Passed unanimously on a motion by Coney, seconded by Anderson. The text by Coney will be sent by e-mail to SPAB Members and Megan Hoyt for posting on the SPAB Website
  12. Plan August 14 Field Trip Hoyt led the Board in a discussion of topics for the Field Trip. Future, confirmed appointees to the Board will be invited. Locations include: Key Tower pedestrian access (Smith),Westlake bike/pedestrian project, now under construction (Lagerwey), examples of asphalt sidewalk construction with minimal drainage requirement(Hoyt, Walgren?), and the Myrtle Edwards/Port of Seattle Waterfront Parks access sites (Coney).
  13. Adjourned 8:20pm.

NEXT SPAB MEETING: WEDNESDAY, Aug. 14, 6PM, Tour meeting Place TBA

Future Agenda Items:
- SEPT. 11, "SEATTLE STREET IMPROVEMENT MANUAL" ( Seattle's Standards for Pedestrian Facilities construction.) (Standards Committee) - SEPT 11, SPD LETTER ON VIOLATIONS OF PEDESTRIAN RIGHTS OF WAY BY DRIVERS. (McCauley)
Future Items:
- Street Use Policies and Enforcement (Advertising and vendors on sidewalks) (Advisory Committee)
- Trans Lake Washington (I-90 walkway alternatives, SR520 S. Lake Union Intersection impacts)
- Sound Transit/Monorail station pedestrian connections (Plans Committee)
- Seattle Parks Levy Oversight Committee (pathways in parks, new, funded connections for pedestrians into parks.) (Plans Committee)