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Past Minutes of the Board


8 January 2002, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Key Tower, 700 5th Ave.
Room 4096

Board Members Present: John Coney, Suzanne Anderson, Amy Clark, Robert Ketcherside, Charity Ranger, Matthew Amster-Burton, and Margaret McCauley

Absent Members: Hemant Bhanoo, Charles Smith, Mark Schultz (all excused)

SDOT Liaison to SPAB: Megan Hoyt

SDOT Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordinator: Peter Lagerwey

Presenters: Mike Williams, Jonathan Jackson (Sound Transit)

Public: Janis Ford

  1. Adopted minutes of 12.11.02 meeting on motion by Anderson and Amster-Burton
  2. Link Light Rail presentation: Jonathan Jackson and Mike Williams, Sound Transit (ST)

    On the stretch of Link Light Rail from downtown Seattle to Tukwila, the project is at the 90% design phase for the entire segment, and two of the five stations are defined.

    The SODO, Duwamish, and Beacon Hill station areas involve joint usage of the downtown tunnels by buses and light rail.

    A bike path will be constructed from Royal Brougham to Forest Streets, along the 5th Avenue busway. Royal Brougham Station is defined but construction is not complete.

    Station Design

    Lander Street Station, which is fully designed, will be a side-platform station. Pedestrian traffic here is expected to come primarily from the 10,000 people employed in this area, and ST projects that the majority will travel on Lander and cross the bus/transitway. Therefore ST will put in place rumble strips to mark the transition to the station, and work closely with the city concerning handicapped user issues at all of the pertinent crossings. Pedestrian islands will be built between the bus and transit way.

    The Link train becomes elevated on Forest, then tunnels to Beacon Hill. The Lander St. & Beacon Ave. station will be an "activity plaza." There are currently two Metro stops at this location, and ST has programmed a new signal at Lander, which will be up to the city to activate. There is potential for transit-oriented development on the square block around this site.

    Potential for cooperation between ST and Monorail at this station area was acknowledged.

    McClellan St. Station, unlike the rest of the at-grade stations, will be above-grade and accessible by both stairs and escalators.

    A large, signalized congregation area is planned at the cross walk that will connect the bus facility to the Link facility. ST expects pedestrians to us the covered walkway on Forest St. to access the station on rainy days; otherwise pedestrians will probably cross directly to the plaza, where there is potential for a restaurant and other amenities due to ST's purchase of the gas station rights on that land.

    The Edmunds St. Station has two plazas, and planned amenities include spaces for art, congregation, bike storage, phones, vendors, safe lighting, and a neighborhood kiosk. These amenities are similar to those at other stations.

    Myrtle Plaza & Othello Plaza make up another dual platform-dual entry station. Othello Plaza is expected to house a paratransit shelter, as it will be closest to the head of the train.

    Henderson will be a center-plaza station. Currently a vegetable cart occupies that space, and provisions will be made to accommodate this and other amenities at this station. There is a great possibility for the expansion of bicycle amenities here.

    Pedestrian Crossings

    ST plans to use "z-crossings" at intersections where the Link trains are at-grade. Marked crossings on either side of the train will be offset; railings will be placed around the island; and pedestrian waiting areas with enough room for wheelchairs to make a full turn will be put in place. A six inch curb will separate cars and rail. Bells, waiting area signs, and mast arm signs (for cars) will signal an oncoming train.

    There will be ten pedestrian-only crossings, and 31 signalized intersections in the Rainier Valley associated with Link Light Rail.


    For the last three years, ST has been working in schools near the Link route to educate students on safety and conduct. Safety brochures are available concerning construction and operation, and meetings have been held as a part of a disabilities program.

    Platforms and plazas have been designed to eliminate blind spots from columns and trees. Security cameras will instantly focus on the public phones when they come into use.

    For more information on signage and wayfinding, it was suggested that the board contact Lana Nelson and Linda Smith at ST.

  3. 2002 Achievements: Coney

    Coney briefed the board on his 2002 achievements report. This report will be made available on the SPAB website.

  4. Round Robin
    • Lagerwey received a call from Smith, who is in California; he says hello to the board. Lagerwey emphasized that this has been a "banner year" for pedestrian policy and projects, due in large part to the strong advocacy for pedestrians provided by SPAB and other groups.
    • Hoyt said the board should re-invite SDOT Director Grace Crunican to a SPAB meeting this summer, with a specific agenda or set of questions in mind. She will give an update on the new crosswalk improvement plan at the February meeting, and passed out a pamphlet on the new crosswalk policy, asking for comment. These informational pamphlets, now in draft form, will be distributed to people who call and ask the department about crosswalks.
    • Ingram noted the previous weekend's pedestrian death in the International District. He suggested that education measures, such as San Francisco's signs warning motorists to turn their wheels when parking on hills, could be helpful in preventing similar incidents in the future.
    • McCauley wrote a letter concerning the crosswalk light timing at 9th Ave. & Pike St. According to Hoyt, this is a state signal currently under study by the city.
    • She also brought up the Seattle Traffic Control Manual, which is up for comment until the end of February. McCauley had questions regarding parking enforcement, many similar to those posed by Councilmember Compton recently.
    • Anderson requested comments on the letter to Bob Carroll of Metro as soon as possible so she could finalize and send it.
    • Ketcherside updated the board on the City Council's passage of a resolution on cross walks and pedestrian guidelines. The resolution includes a "Seattle warrant" to make it easier for an intersection to be considered for a pedestrian crossing signal
      Councilmembers Licata, Steinbrueck, and Conlin have recently made statements supporting pro-pedestrian measures, like stings at intersections. Councilmember Conlin has plans for a "pedestrian summer," which should be made more clear soon.
    • Ranger met with Tom Bertulis, chair of SBAB, and worked on the University District Walking Map.
  5. Project Tracking: Ketcherside

    Ketcherside introduced his system for tracking ongoing projects according to their owners and relation to board goals. Specifics of many of the projects were discussed and new assignments were made.

    Ketcherside requested that owners of each project have in mind at the next meeting a date when the project could be reviewed or presented during the meeting.

    He emphasized the importance and effectiveness of attending project meetings and simply asking what is being done for pedestrians.

  6. Goals for 2003: Ketcherside

    Ketcherside presented a list of goals for 2003. The board will revise and approve this list over email for distribution to elected officials.

  7. Approve Crossing Funding Letter: Ketcherside

    Ketcherside's letter to the Mayor requesting that funding for street crossings be restored to the 2004 budget was reviewed and revised, and approved on a motion by McCauley and Anderson.

  8. SPAB Recruitment: Hoyt

    Hoyt will send recruitment letters to those recognized by the board as potential candidates for membership.

  9. Yearly Schedule: Ketcherside

    Ketcherside presented a list of actions undertaken by the board each year, organized by month.

  10. Adjourn: 8:08 PM

All SPAB meetings are public meetings of a City Advisory Board. Check the SPAB website at for SPAB minutes, advisories, meetings.