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Past Minutes of the Board


December 12, 2001

Board members present: Suzanne Anderson, Ethan Bacon, John Coney, Pam Clark, Michael Ingram, Rob Ketcherside, Margaret McCauley, Drew Robinson, Mark Schultz, Charles Smith.

Board Members excused absent: Mark Gardner, Lester Goldstein.

Others present: Megan Hoyt (SeaTran), Peter Lagerwey (SeaTran)

Margaret McCauley and Rob Ketcherside were introduced as the two newest members of the SPAB.

1. Peter Lagerwey, Supervisor of the Sea Tran Pedestrian and Bicycle program, spoke on the topic of city budgeting. He mentioned the road and sidewalk improvements that piggyback on other budgets. Peter stressed the importance of our Board having standard plans and "learning the rules" in order to be able to request pedestrian projects and improvements such as signs and signals. Funds include private, public, Metro, and Sound Transit, etc.

No neighborhood street fund is available in the city budget for pedestrians presently. However, it may be possible to maintain sidewalk repair, curb extensions, and pedestrian signals through the Annual Pedestrian Program, which offers funding for such projects. City Council member Heidi Wills, helped in getting the city to put aside $500,000 for sidewalk improvement. Other possibilities include;

1. Federally funded Community Development Block Grant for sidewalks.
2. The Transportation Improvement Board, which handles individual pedestrian projects such as arterial street and nonresidential standard curb sidewalks.

Peter's suggestions for improving SPAB's effectiveness were as follows.

1. Study rules and policies.
2. Assign and maintain specific projects.
3. Become involved in writing the new city policies within the next 2 years.
4. Standard specifications and follow through are extremely important.
5. Have a guest speaker at every meeting to discuss a specific project.
6. Always have a list of policies and projects with a board member's name behind each project. The city appreciates having a contact person. Have an update from these people at every meeting.
7. Continuity and communication between the Chairperson, Megan Hoyt, and Peter Lagerwey at least twice a month are a must.


2. Pam Clark announced she would be resigning this month for health reasons. She said she would like to attend our meetings as a visitor when possible. Pam has been an important asset to our Board and will be greatly missed.

3. Michael Ingram announced he and his wife will be having a gathering at their new home in appreciation to the Board members. It will be held Sunday, January 13, 2002 at 6:00.

4. Megan Hoyt mentioned the city is now frozen on hiring crossing guards. SPAB lobbied to unfreeze the positions.

5. Charles Smith volunteered to write a thank you letter on behalf of the Board to Heidi Wills for her support in getting the $500,000 for sidewalks.

6. Michael Ingram offered to finalize the rough draft of the SPAB Progress Report that Lester Goldstein put together.

7. This is Michael Ingram's final meeting serving as our Chair. He has put an enormous amount of time and energy into this position and has done an excellent job. Pam Clark announced the results for nominations for the two open positions on the board, Chair and Vice Chair. John Coney was unanimously elected via e-mail through Pam Clark as Chair. Suzanne Anderson was voted in at the meeting as Vice Chair.

There was a brief discussion regarding the creation of a of full time secretarial position for SPAB. The majority of the board agreed that any one Board member should not take on this task as it would take away from his/her original duties. John Coney pointed out that with most other City Boards, the staff member takes the minutes.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.