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Advising the City on all matters related to pedestrians .

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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board


Adopted September 2000 by unanimous vote of the Board.


Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board shall advise the City Council, the Mayor, and all departments and offices of the City on matters related to pedestrians and the impact actions by the City may have upon the pedestrian environment and shall have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the City's planning processes insofar as they may relate to pedestrian safety and access. (City Council resolution 29532)


  1. The Board shall promote policies and practices that will promote pedestrian mobility as a desirable alternative form of urban transportation and recreation.
  2. Upon being notified by appropriate City departments of new project and program proposals related to pedestrian issues, the Board will request that the relevant department provide all needed information for the Board to review the projects and proposals in order to be able to make recommendations on pedestrian related elements.
  3. The Board shall assist City departments in the implementation of the Seattle Comprehensive Plan, the Transportation Strategic Plan, and other Plans and Policies dealing with pedestrian matters.
  4. The Board shall promote pedestrian awareness and responsibility through education programs.
  5. The Board shall make appropriate recommendations to the City's Pedestrian Coordinator, Mayor, City Council, and neighborhood groups regarding facilities that are intended for pedestrian use.
  6. It is expected that each Board member will, whenever possible and appropriate, advocate at public meetings, hearings, etc. for pedestrian interests. Unless authorized by the Board to speak on its behalf, any member should specify that he/she is speaking (or writing) only as a member of Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board and not for the Board.


  1. The Board will attempt to provide relevant departments with recommendations, as early as possible, on City projects that have been brought to the Board 's attention.
  2. The Board will always give high regard to members' time and efforts. To that end, specific delegation of responsibility will be given to small committees to pursue goals that the Board desires to be met. Unless specifically authorized otherwise, actions by committees are subject to ratification by the full Board.
  3. When making recommendations regarding specific City projects, the Board will spell out its objections, if any, and provide its suggestions for alternate action. If disapproval is indicated, the Board will make every effort to discuss its reservations with appropriate department staff members before making a final recommendation.
  4. The Board reserves the right to communicate adopted positions and recommendations directly to the Mayor and City Council.


  1. At the beginning of each year's budget cycle, the Pedestrian Coordinator shall provide the Board with a list of all capital improvement projects and other programs that may impact pedestrian matters that are being proposed for the following year's budget. The department will work with the Board to identify those project and program elements that are appropriate for Board review.
  2. The Pedestrian Coordinator shall also provide the Board with information on any new programs that are initiated outside the regular budget cycle, including input by the Department of Neighborhoods and neighborhood plan implementation organizations.
  3. The Departments have the responsibility to make their best effort to coordinate project and program activities so as to facilitate the Board 's actions and minimize delays in the projects' progress.
  4. Appropriate City officials are expected to provide the Board with information/plans/maps/drawings/occasional oral presentations, etc. that may be needed for the Board to conduct an adequate review.
  5. Following any Board action, the appropriate City official shall inform the Board of any significant changes that affect pedestrian issues that may occurred in work, scope, or budget of the relevant project.


  1. The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Chair shall be elected at each November meeting by a majority of all official members of the Board who vote, either in person or by e-mail within one week of the selection of nominees, on individuals nominated at a regular meeting of the Board. Absent members who have e-mail addresses will be notified to vote within 24 hours of the time that nominations are made.
  2. The Board recognizes the need to appoint committees of Board members to enhance the effectiveness of its actions. Members of a committee shall be appointed by the Chair, who shall specify the committee's charge and time frame in which the committee will carry out its charge.
  3. All formal actions or decisions of the Board require a majority of voting Board members in good standing, provided that a quorum of at least 50% of the official members are present or voting by e-mail. (A member is not in good standing if he/she accumulates 3 or more unexcused absences of regularly scheduled board meetings.) Whether voting by e-mail seems desirable will be determined by the Chair. If a motion at one meeting fails because of a lack of a quorum, at the Chair's discretion in the second absence of a quorum, a unanimous vote at the next meeting will suffice to pass a measure provided 3 or more official Board members are present and voting.
  4. Subject to section C. immediately above, all meetings of the board will be conducted by the "simplified" Robert's Rules of Order and shall be held in wheelchair-accessible locations.
  5. The agenda for any meeting shall be sent via e-mail (if possible) to all Board members and other interested parties and posted to a recognized web site at least 3 days in advance of the relevant meeting.
  6. Notice of motions on matters not tied to agenda items and to be acted on at a regular meeting of the Board shall be given at least one week in advance to all official members (as well as City staff members directly involved in pedestrian matters). (The Chair shall decide whether any motion made at a meeting is sufficiently germane to an agenda item as to not require the one week's notice.) Notice may be given by e-mail. For those members not reachable by e-mail, the member making the motion should make a reasonable effort to notify those individuals by telephone as to the nature of the motion, unless the notice of motion was given at a prior meeting. Any motion deemed by the Chair to require emergency action may be adopted if it receives approval of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the members present, provided there is a quorum.
  7. All meetings of the Board shall be open to the public. Members of the public are welcome to speak, but will have no vote on actions or decisions of the Board. If time is short, the Chair may limit the time that any one member of public will be allowed to speak.
  8. The Board will endeavor to have one member act as a liaison with the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board and one member act as a liaison with the Chair of the City Council's Transportation Committee.
  9. Copies of minutes of all Board meetings and actions taken by the Board will be kept on file in the office of the Pedestrian Coordinator.