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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

October 6, 2003

Mr. Eric Tweit
Transportation Planner Senior
Seattle Department of Transportation
700th Avenue Ste. 3895B
Seattle, WA 98104-5043

Dear Mr. Tweit,

The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board (SPAB) would like to thank you for attending our August 13, 2003 meeting. Your detailed presentation of the Mercer Corridor Project was most useful in helping the members of our board sort out the issues most important to the interests and safety of Seattle pedestrians.

    The ideas SPAB strongly support and recommend are:
  • Create a neighborhood atmosphere where cars are not the dominating means of transportation.
  • Turn Terry Ave. into a "pedestrian street", non-essential to car traffic, making it the key connection to South Lake Union Park.
  • Provide wide sidewalks, adding "nodes" which will draw more pedestrians.
  • Eliminate Broad St. in order to re-knit neighborhood streets.
  • Provide more intervals for direct pedestrian access over Aurora rather that forcing all pedestrians to cross via footbridge at only one location.
  • Mitigate trees and landscaping as frequently as possible.
  • Add a landscaped 17' to 24' median down the center of Mercer St., providing a safety buffer between traffic and pedestrians.
  • Incorporate the Blue Ring planning concepts.
  • Design way-finding and circulation systems throughout the South Lake Union Park area
  • By understanding the necessity to encourage the citizens of Seattle to become less dependant on automobiles as the main mode of transportation, SPAB is hopeful the Mayor and City Council members will be able to use these ideas to support their pro-pedestrian positions as trade offs are made in the SLU plan. Thank you again for the informative contribution you provided to our board.


    Suzanne Anderson,
    Vice Chair, SPAB

    Robert Ketcherside.
    Chair, SPAB

    Cc: Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle cc: City Council