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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board


Greg Nickels
600 - 4th Avenue
12th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Dear Mayor Nickels:

Richard McIver
600 - 4th Avenue
11th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Dear Councilmember McIver:

Richard Conlin
600 - 4th Avenue
11th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Dear Councilmember Conlin:

The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board (SPAB) asks your favorable consideration of th e North Waterfront Access Plan (Weinstein Copeland Architects for SPO). We believe that this carefully phased proposal should be inplemented through SeaTran and coordinated in the future through SeaTran and the Strategic Planning Office.

SPAB singles out the North Waterfront Access Plan and its planners for originality and sensitivity in creating concepts for functional pedestrian facilities on the North Waterfront.

Weinstein Copeland Architects planners have recognized that this element of Seattle's transportation infrastructure has great potential for providing an unforgettable, scenic, eventful experience for Seattleites and visitors.

SPAB recommends that the city facilitate the incorporation of appropriate aspects of the North Waterfront Access Study into neighborhood plans and the Seattle Comprehensive Plan.

In the years 2000 and 2001 Seattle City government has stimulated, coordinated, and created a number of plans related to transportation improvements, infrastructure, and activities along Alaskan Way. All these plans take into account improvements in connections to the Elliott Bay waterfront. In sum, these plans constitute a short-range/long-range blueprint for our newly defined Center City Waterfront from Uptown to the International District:

  • North Waterfront Access Plan (Weinstein Copeland Architects for SPO)
  • Potlatch Trail Conceptual Plan (Seattle Center Staff)
  • Olympic Sculpture Park (Seattle Art Museum)
  • Center City Open Space Plan (Mithun Architects for Seattle Design Center)
  • Waterfront Trolley Extension Study (Parsons Brinkerhoff for SPO)
  • Waterfront Parking Strategy (Heffron Associates for SPO)

The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board has expended considerable effort during the last two years in providing representation from the Board for pedestrian interests in the development of these plans. All but the Olympic Sculpture Park plan, a private, non-profit enterprise, have conducted exemplary public outreach and input activities that have included SPAB members as of this date. Direct public input has characterized these planning processes. SPAB has been a part of that citizen input to these expert and forward looking plans.

SPAB observes that some Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement alternatives as presently defined coordinate with the above-mentioned waterfront plans.

In order to create a unique waterfront environment for Seattle which will favorably characterize the city world-wide, it is necessary to utilize these coordinated plans as needs for transportation improvements arise and funding becomes available to implement Seattle Center City Waterfront features and infrastructure.

SPAB recommends that the Waterfront Stakeholders Group be continued. This group convened by SPO has provided a channel for many projects and proposals for the Center City Waterfront to be evaluated by the city and communicated in detail to stakeholders.


John Coney
Chair, SPAB

Suzanne Anderson
Vice Chair, SPAB