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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

Letter Writing Policy

All members of the Board are encouraged to participate in the advisory process. Members will gain recognition from letter recipients and solidify their views on Board issues by composing advisories on topics which they have been monitoring.

This policy is intended as a method of standardizing correspondence from the board and encouraging more widespread responsibility for drafting them. It is not meant to limit membersf actions or place one or two members in a position to act as the voice of the Board.

    The steps of the letter writing process will be:
  1. Draft from letter writer to board via email
  2. Comments from board via email
  3. Review at meeting
  4. Final draft from letter writer
  5. List of recipients from writer (with Board feedback)
  6. Letter assembled with letterhead in Word
  7. Printed
  8. Co-signed by author and board chair
  9. Mailed in SDOT envelope
  10. Copy given to SDOT Ped Program staff member (Megan Hoyt)

Time-critical letters may not allow for the complete review process. Some members may feel confident of their knowledge of the issue at hand, and concerned about timeliness of follow-up or advisory letters. In these cases, as much of the process should be followed as possible. At minimum, copies of the dispatched letter should be presented at the next SPAB meeting, and via email.

November 13, 2002
Rob Ketcherside, Chair