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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

January 21, 2002

Mayor Greg Nickels
Members of the Seattle City Council

Re: Update and Progress Report from the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

To Mayor Nickels and Members of the Seattle City Council:

The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board welcomes Mayor Nickels into the office of Mayor and likewise welcomes continuing and returning City Council Members into their offices and respective committee roles. The Board looks forward to working with all of you in its advisory capacity over the course of this coming term.

The role of the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board is described in the chartering legislation which created the Board, gThe Pedestrian Advisory Board shall advise the City Council, the Mayor and all departments and offices of the City on matters related to pedestrians and the impact which actions by the City may have upon the pedestrian environment and shall have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the Cityfs planning processes insofar as they may relate to pedestrian safety and access.h City Council Resolution 28791.

The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board is comprised of 12 members, all residents of the city. Six members are nominated by the Mayor and five are nominated by the City Council. These 11 members serve two-year terms. The twelfth position is for a gyouthh Member of the Board; this one-year position was created and filled through the Get Engaged program, approved by the City Council in early 2001.

Enclosed is a Progress Report on the work and activities of the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board over the last two years. Appended at the end is the list of the top six priority issues and concerns that the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board recently identified. These are spelled out under the heading gSix Steps to a More Walkable Seattleh and will provide the focus for the Boardfs work in the coming year. In addition to pursuing these identified priorities, the Board will remain open to addressing emerging issues and opportunities. In closing, we would also like to note that the Board is prepared to serve as a resource to City leadership and staff for matters which affect conditions for pedestrians in Seattle.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald John Coney
in-coming Chair

Michael Ingram
out-going Chair