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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

Life Cycle of an Issue

#. Issue Phase
A. Options
a. Case Study

  1. Stimulus
    1. Public Input
    2. Plan or Policy proposal under review by legislative or executive branch
    3. Member Interest
      1. Margaret got tired of cars violating crosswalk laws
  2. Investigation
    1. Search Web Sites
    2. Attend public meetings
    3. On-site investigation
    4. Gather evidence
    5. Read current, past news articles
    6. Conversations with department officials
    7. Invite guest to meeting
    8. Consult other board members
    9. Consult citizens
    10. Join mailing lists
      1. She found relevant laws already in place that just needed to be enforced
      2. She discovered and was pointed to articles about actions other cities were taking
      3. She invited a traffic control officer to attend a SPAB meeting
  3. Analysis / Problem Solving
    1. Determine feasible alternatives
    2. Conversations with elected officials
    3. Determine allies
  4. Advisory
    1. Craft SPAB opinion and suggested actions
    2. If no advisory is necessary, summarize position for future reference
        Margaret wrote a letter to the police chief, mayor, and city council. Other SPAB members gave feedback. The letter outlined the problem and suggested several enforcement remedies.
  5. Follow-up
    1. Share SPAB advisory (in reply to editorials, etc)
    2. Recommend incorporateion into later proposals
    3. Speak at public meetings
    4. Advocate to officials
      1. She and other members forwarded a link to the letter to journalists or City Council members as related topics were raised
      2. SPD and City Council incorporated these ideas into enforcement plans and the "Pedestrian Summer"

Document version 06/12/2003
Robert Ketcherside