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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

Committee Structure

For the past year, SPAB has been comprised of four committees. These have been the Education, Advisory, Plans, and Standards committees. The purpose of each and proposed changes and further definitions of them are outlined below

Education: The Education committee was intended to find ways for the Board to broaden awareness of pedestrian issues. The committee has not met that goal, largely because it was determined that education is form of activism, and not in the scope of the Board. For this reason, the Education committee will be eliminated in 2003. The Standards committee may wish to encourage the city to educate as a policy issue, and to advise relevant city agencies on this.

Advisory: The Advisory committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. The responsibility of this committee has been to compose the final agenda for each meeting and to generally act as the public face of the Board. This will continue. The Advisory committee is generally responsible for the smooth operation of the Board, and will promote Board policies to increase the effectiveness of the Board as an advisory group.

Plans: The Plans committee has been tasked with keeping track of the various major construction and transportation projects taking place within the city limits, and issuing advisories on them at opportune times.

In the future, the chair will be responsible for maintaining a list of outstanding projects, the dates of previous advisories, and dates which the Board has received advisories on them. The list will also contain the name of a Board member who is keeping watch over the project. The member will check for changes in project status at least monthly, attempt to attend public meetings, maintain contact with the project head, and draft advisories at project milestones.

Standards: The Standards committee has had a broad charter. In general, it reviews proposed changes to city policy regarding pedestrian issues. For example, this has been interpreted to include construction guidelines to the street right of way, maintenance of paths and stairways, and budget for sidewalk construction. The Standards committee will also be monitoring enforcement of those policies as well as laws affecting pedestrian safety.

The chair of this committee should maintain a list of policies we have advised on or are tracking, and pair a member of the committee to each of these. The members will keep track of their assigned policies and monitor the effectiveness of our advisories by keeping in touch with our contacts.

Because of the long duration of the project and policy planning process, the Plans and Standards committee actions will be in tune with the long-term goals of the board. However, those goals should be driven by the Advisory committee as part of its role in steering the Board.

November 14, 2002 Rob Ketcherside, Chair