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Apply for a Film Permit

Office of Film + Music coordinates with other city agencies to ensure a smooth film shoot.

Apply for a Special Events Permit

The Seattle Special Events Office processes applications for review by the Special Events Committee.

Apply for Only In Seattle grants

Grants available in business districts for neighborhood improvement.

Apply to be on the City's Consultant Roster

Apply to be on the City's Consultant Roster.

Bid on a Consultant Contract

City consultant contracting is decentralized, with each City department managing its own consultant contracts.

Bid on a Public Works Contract

For all public works projects the City has centralized construction contracting within City Purchasing and Contracting [...]

Bid on a Purchasing Contract

City Purchasing and Contracting Services manages bids and contracts for all City products, supplies, equipment and [...]

Bid on City Vehicles and Equipment

Bid on surplus City vehicles and equipment.

Change Water Service (for Developers)

Utility information for developers changing services.

Check Construction & Land Use Permit Status

Enter a permit or complaint number to check status.

City Procurement

City Purchasing and Contracting Services manages bids and contracts for all City products, supplies, equipment and [...]

Do Business with the City

Add your business to the City's Online Business Directory.

File a Damage Claim

If you believe the City is at fault for an incident or accident resulting in loss, injury or damages, you can file a [...]

Find a City Contract

Find a blanket, consultant or construction contract with the City.

Find Reports on the City's Financial Health

City Financial Services oversees functions that ensure the City's financial health.

Find Seattle Business Regulations

Certain businesses require a regulatory endorsement on their business license.

Find Subcontracting Opportunities

Learn about subcontracting opportunities on construction projects under $350,000.

Find Utility Services (for Businesses)

Seattle Public Utilities has a suite of services for businesses.

Get a Seattle Business License

Apply, renew or cancel a business license.

Get Fire Safety Kits (For Businesses)

Businesses can download self teaching kits and videos to assist with training employees.

Get New Water Services

Development Services Office helps developers and homeowners to obtain new water services.

Learn about the Sweetened Beverage Tax

The sweetened beverage tax is a tax on the distribution of sweetened beverage in the city of Seattle.

Learn Your Rights as a Customer

Consumer Protection looks out for the rights of customers to get what they pay for and to pay a fair fee for services.

Pay your Business Taxes

Pay B&O taxes owed for business conducted in the city of Seattle.

Purchase Surplus City Equipment

Purchase property and equipment the City no longer has need for.

Purchase Surplus City Real Estate

Purchase real estate the City no longer has need for.

Report All-Gender Ordinance Violations

File complaints or ask questions about Seattle's all-gender restroom requirements.

Resolve a Permit Disagreement

Resolve a dispute about our permit process and about policy or technical code issues.

Search for a Licensed Business

Search the database for licensed Seattle businesses.

Search Permit & Property Records

Construction and Land Use permits and projects.

Search the Online Business Directory

Search for businesses that express interest in doing business with the City.

18 Programs

Adaptive Streets Program

Experiments with new public spaces and street improvements.

All-Gender Restroom Ordinance

Helping achieve greater restroom access for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals.

Bicycle Share

Short-term bicycle use to get around Seattle.

City Purchasing

Find current purchasing solicitations or join the City's Online Business Directory.

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)

Transportation resources for Seattle employers.

Construction Contracting

Find current solicitations for City-funded public works construction projects.

Consultant Contracting

Find City consultants and contracts or sign up to be on the Consultant Roster.

Labor Standards Enforcement

Strategic enforcement of labor laws to increase equity and establish a fair and healthy economy for workers, businesses, [...]


Transportation resources and training for property managers and residents of multifamily buildings.

Only in Seattle

Investing in neighborhood business districts across the city.

Parking Program

Manages regulation of the curb to balance variety of needs and ensure reliable access.

Priority Hire

Improves access to construction employment and training for workers in need of family-wage jobs while minimizing [...]

Seattle Freight Mobility Program

Improves freight mobility and safety in Seattle.

Seattle Tax Advisory Group

Representatives from corporations and small businesses provide recommendations on tax policies, programs and [...]

SPD Safe Place: Stop LGBTQ Harassment

Provides the LGBTQ community with signage and resources that make safety information easily accessible.


Helping Startup businesses in Seattle thrive.

Transportation Management Program (TMP)

Transportation resources for property owners.

Women- and Minority-owned Business Program

Provides opportunities for Women- and Minority-owned Businesses in City contracts.