Youth Commissioners

Bryce GoldsenBryce Goldsen (Bishop Blanchet, ‘15) has lived on Capitol Hill his whole life. He wants to work for equal rights and fair treatment to make Seattle a better place for all people. Bryce wants to contribute to make sure that all youth and all types of families are respected, have a voice in city government, and feel comfortable in their communities. Through working with the Commission he wants to learn more about the political process and how to serve effectively in government to strengthen our schools, communities and city. He is excited about working with students throughout the city to address the challenges facing youth and all members of our community. Bryce loves to play baseball and basketball.

Cecilia  KalthoffCecilia Kalthoff is a seventh grader at Salmon Bay middle school and has lived in Seattle her entire life. This is her first year on Seattle Youth Commission and hopes to make a difference in many young people’s lives. She is very supportive of gay rights and is very active in her schools GSA.   She has always wanted to be helpful and more involved with the city. On her free time she likes to spend time with her friends. 

Chaltu HusseinChaltu Hussein (Cleveland HS '14) is an honor’s student. She was born in Oromia and grew up moving around until settling here in Seattle, WA. Chaltu was on the Youth health committee last year. She worked on several projects and started her own club called the Youth health council and the Muslim Student Association at Cleveland High school. On the youth commission this year, she would like to work on Youth health committee to improve teen health center's and encourage other youth to use the teen health center's more. Outside of school work Chaltu likes to spend time reading. 

Chloe FasoldtChloe Fasoldt (Nathan Hale HS '15) was born in March of 1997 in the heart of Ballard. She was raised not far from that place of birth and has lived in the same Seattle residence since her wee days. Growing up in a small community within this big and beautiful city, Chloe has developed a connection with and passion for the city of Seattle. Chloe attended Salmon Bay School from kindergarten through eighth grade.  During that time she developed a love of people and of music, both of which she actively commits to today. Chloe is deeply involved in the school community at Nathan Hale. From singing and traveling with the school's top choir to sitting through ASB meetings to running with the cross country team, there is nothing she finds more rewarding that representing her school. She is active outside of the school community as well, and through working as part of a service trip in 2012, Chloe learned how much impact a single voice can make. She is glad to be a part of the commission so that she can bring together both her love of the city and the knowledge of its issues and work with other youth in the community to affect positive change.

Claire Huebler (Roosevelt ’14) was born and raised in Seattle in the Ravenna neighborhood. This is her first year as a youth commissioner and she is looking forward to getting to know her fellow youth commissioners while making a difference in the Seattle community. She joined the commission to increase her knowledge of how Seattle’s government is run and to learn more about the issues in the community while creating solutions for them. She hopes to make a difference in the city, especially in environmental and health care issues. Outside of the commission and school, Claire likes to play golf on her school’s team and soccer, read books, meeting new people and travel. Also she loves spending time with her friends and family. 

Elaine LaFontaineElaine LaFontaine is a Freshman at Ballard High School. She was born in Mexico, moved to Texas when she was 4, and then came to Seattle when she was 12. This is her first year on the Seattle Youth Commission. She hopes to make a change in her community and help many young people and also learn more about the City government and how it works. In her spare time she likes to hang out with friends and read. She also does gymnastics and track.

Greyson Zatzick is an incoming sophomore at the Lakeside school.  He was born in Davis, California, but has lived most of his life in Seattle.  He swims and rows crew, and loves to ski.  Greyson got interested in the Seattle Youth Commission after being a senate page in the State of Washington. He also has participated in the YMCA Youth in Government Program.  He’s interested in learning more about local city government, and contributing to changes in his community.  He’s excited to interact with more teens interested in making changes in Seattle.

Hannah TretteneroHannah Trettenero (Garfield, ’14) was born in Columbia, Missouri, and moved around a lot before moving to Seattle. This is her first year as a youth commissioner and she is very excited to meet a diverse group of people and make a difference in her community.  She is interested in environmental issues, along with education and public health.  She is very excited to learn more about local government and to interact with government officials.  In her spare time Hannah enjoys playing sports, baking, spending time outside, and being around her family and friends.

Henry MeyersonHenry Meyerson is an 8th grader at Hamilton International Middle School, where he is on the track team and the math team.  He also plays violin in the orchestra. He joined the Seattle Youth Commission because he is interested in transportation and education issues.
He is particularly interested in how Seattle’s changing demographics impact education and the distribution of funding. Henry is looking forward to taking a leadership role in the community. He would like to encourage more Seattle youth to bike and to make the city more bike-friendly. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, swimming, cycling, hiking and skiing. 

Isabel Emery is a student at Hamilton Middle School and has lived in Seattle all her life.  She is 13 years old and is very exited to be a part of the Seattle Youth Commission; this will be her first time.  Some of her passions are soccer, basketball, and swimming. She can’t wait to make a difference in her community.

Lena TranLena Tran lives in Seattle with her family and three dogs. She joins the Commission this year in hopes of having her voice and the voice of her peers heard and acknowledged in the Seattle community. In addition, she hopes to learn more about social activism, become more familiar with the local government, and meet others who are similarly just as passionate about issues they care about. Some of the issues she cares about are gender inequality and racial discrimination, locally and globally. She’s a senior at Holy Names Academy.

Liam Lawrence (Nathan Hale ’14) born and raised in the Wedgwood area. Over the summer he worked five days a week at the Wedgwood Elementary Kid’s Time summer day camp program with kindergarten to second grade kids and they were the driving force behind his decision to join the Seattle Youth Commission.  He is very interested in education and helping young children create the habits of a good student.  He hopes that a position on the Commission will give me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kids and to help them fully take advantage of the education system.

Lizette BecerraLizette Becerra was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Seattle Washington. Starting from head-start up until the 8th grade she attended Broadview Thompson Elementary, which became K-8 when her class became the first 6th, 7th, and 8th grade class. Currently she is a proud ram at Ingraham High School and will be graduating in 2014. Throughout high school she has been involved in clubs and this year became president of the Latino Club. She also joined soccer in the fall of 2012 and hopes to continue this coming fall. She is a very dedicated person who puts a lot of effort in what she wants to accomplish. She enjoys being in class, learning something new every day. She has been part of Upward Bound 2 years now and attended National Student Congress Leadership 2013 which gave her experience in leadership. She joined SYC to keep improving those skills along with communication and know that she too can make a difference with other students.

Madeline WalshMadeline Walsh was born in Suffolk, England, while her dad was in the U.S. Air Force, and later moved to Lakewood, Washington when she was two. After moving to Seattle, she started preschool at St. Catherine’s School, where she remained through eighth grade. She is now a sophomore at Lakeside School, where she enjoys drama, writing for the school newspaper, and playing for the girls’ varsity soccer team as the goalkeeper. She also plays goalkeeper year-round for Seattle United. She is excited to work with Seattle politicians and other commission members to address the issues facing youth in our community, particularly teen homelessness and bullying in schools. She’s a freshman at Lakside.

Marta DenekeMarta Deneke is a junior at Roosevelt High School. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which is located in East Africa. She came here when she was eleven years old; she is now sixteen years old. She has faced many problems as an immigrant but she had many people that supported her in overcoming those problems and she believes everyone should have someone by their side to support them in becoming successful and not losing hope. She thinks it is hard for an immigrant to deal with many problems and not have people to help them. She is excited to work with the Seattle Youth in Commission to find solutions for problems which she sees in Roosevelt High School. She’s looking forward to working with new people on the Seattle Youth Commission and making as many contributions as she can in her new home. She’s really happy for this opportunity because not many teens have a program like this to find solutions to the problems they see.

Megan WarshawMegan Warshaw (Garfield ’12) was born and raised in Seattle. She sees the Youth Commission as a way to give a voice to teens in Seattle. Her participation in the commission is also based on her desire to see results and make a difference by the end of the year. Ultimately, her goal is to have a career in public service, and the commission will give her the experience necessary. She is also currently involved in the Seattle Art Museum and is excited to be even more involved in the city.

Owain JamesOwain James was born and raised in Seattle and attends Seattle Waldorf High School. He is an Eagle Scout from Troop 166 and enjoys camping, hiking and skiing in Washington State’s great wilderness areas. Owain also enjoys studying history, especially the Roman Empire. Through the youth Commission Owain hopes to gain a better understanding of how local government and Seattle politics work. He also hopes to build greater involvement of youth in politics.

Ryan LeneaRyan Lenea (Nathan Hale ’14) has lived on Vashon Island his whole life until recently when he moved to North Seattle’s Lake City to attend Nathan Hale.  He is interested in education because his mother is a teacher, and would like to make Seattle a more environmentally conscious place by promoting sustainability, and incorporating what he learned about ecology from his time on Vashon. He is interested in politics, decision making, and government, and joined the Seattle Youth Commission to gain a greater understanding of them all, as well as make Seattle’s youth voice heard.  He is on the school newspaper and both the debate and chess teams. He also enjoys reading, wrestling, soccer and tennis.

Sabrina MohamedSabrina Mohamed (Cleveland C/O '14) was born in the Netherlands and moved to America at the age of 6. From there she moved around a lot until her family settled in Seattle, where she now currently attends Cleveland High School. She is her upcoming Senior class secretary and also is a part of various programs such as UWUB and Youth Force. Her main goal in life is to give a positive image to Muslims but also make an impact in the world one person at a time. 

Sam Orlin Sam Orlin was born in Rhinebeck, New York, but moved to Seattle at age 3. He is currently in his junior year at Chief Sealth International High School.  Some highlights of his time at Sealth are his participation on the soccer team, the mock trial team, and in the jazz combo. He is excited to be involved with the Seattle Youth Commission this year; making a positive difference on issues that matter to him and his community is something that he’s thrilled to begin work on. In particular, he looks forward to being involved in discussions about public transportation in Seattle this year.

Sarah Lober Sarah Lober is a senior at Roosevelt High School. At school she participates in International Club and is an editor of the yearbook. Outside of school she loves playing soccer and teaches cross country skiing in the winter. This will also be her second year taking Arabic classes with One World Now. Sarah is excited to be part of the Seattle Youth Commission working with other students from all around the city, and hopes to inspire positive change in her community.

Seray Savrun Seray Savrun, currently a senior at University Prep, was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. This is her first year on the Seattle Youth Commission and she hopes to make a difference in peoples' lives and help solve issues in a positive way. Seray is Turkish-American and is interested in learning about politics in the Middle East. She hopes to study international relations after she graduates from high school next year. Seray is excited and thankful to be a part of the Seattle Youth Commission because she wants to make a positive difference in her community and home town of Seattle. 

Vincent Tsan

Waylon RobertWaylon Robert is a Seattle native and a 11th grader at Bishop Blanchet High School. He has successfully saved the Bush House Inn in Index, WA along with the Skykomish Hotel in Skykomish. His dream is that the city will be more affordable/livable place for all socio-economic groups while at the same time doing a better job preserving its historic buildings. He looks forward to working with other young people that share his love for this city. He wants to be a politician when he grows up and believes that the Youth Commission will build a strong foundation for this vocation. In his free time he enjoys meeting new people, singing in the Shades of Praise Gospel Choir at St. Therese Church in Madrona, learning the history of different areas, and eating soul food.

Ilani NurickIlani Nurick (intern) (Nathan Hale ’14) was born in Jerusalem, Israel and moved to Seattle when he was 5. He hopes that through his involvement with the Youth Commission, he will be able to make a difference in environmental issues. He cares passionately about the environment and making the world a better place for all its inhabitants, humans and animals. He wants to get a better understanding of how government works and how decisions are made. In his spare time Ilani enjoys playing soccer, learning about and exploring new places and cultures, scuba diving, and volunteering as a beach naturalist on the Puget Sound.