Youth Commissioners

Andy Huynh

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Andy Huynh is currently a senior at Cleveland High School. During his free time, Huynh likes to knit and volunteer. Huynh is the current Green Team Vice President and GSA President at his school. Huynh also works as a content manager for Cleveland's newspaper and yearbook production, Cleveland Publications.

Anne Maher

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Annie (Bishop Blanchet, '17) was born and raised in Seattle and has lived in the Seward Park neighborhood her whole life.  She wants to work to fight homelessness and gender pay disparity. Through working with the Commission she wants to learn more about the political process and how to serve effectively in government.  Annie is also passionate about getting more students involved in local government so they can have a voice in the future of Seattle. At Blanchet she plays on the varsity basketball team, is a member of the Brave Hearts club and has had First Honors each semester.  She also plays AAU basketball year round.

Becky Scurlock

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Becky Scurlock is a 17-year-old junior at Lakeside School, and has always lived in Seattle. She is excited to start her first year on the Seattle Youth Commission and is confident about the progress she and other students can make on local issues. For the past couple years, Becky has been working to create a website that provides resources and inspiration to young people who want to make an impact on social issues. She is also very involved in her school's leadership positions, participating in the Student Health Advocacy Committee, Leadership Institute, Service Learning Advisory Board, and Student Dialogue Facilitation Program. Becky sees the Seattle Youth Commission as a fantastic opportunity to expand beyond her school to make a difference on the city level. In her free time, Becky also enjoys running, playing the viola, and participating in Model United Nations. 

Cyan Tuttle

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Cyan Tuttle is a senior at Roosevelt High School. Cyan enjoys baking, reading and traveling among many other activities. She is very excited to work alongside teens her age to create a positive lasting impact in our community.

Elizabeth Van Flandern

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Elizabeth Van Flandern is a fledgling adult of 18 and Senior at Raisbeck Aviation High School. She is very excited to be a part of the Youth Commission and have the opportunity to learn more about city politics and the political process. She is deeply invested in teen's access to information about health, government, and their role in society, and is excited to learn more about making a difference in the world. She enjoys volunteering for TeenTix and being a part of her school's speech and debate team.

Hassan Abdi Noor

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Hassan is a blogger, an advocate, and an activist. He takes issues ranging from youth violence to homelessness very seriously. Hassan is not afraid to make use of his own experience to put matters in perspective for policy makers, and does not shy away from topics many tend to sidestep or brush over -- like gentrification.

Hassan has accrued expertise in public outreach, civic voice, and advocacy through various internships and volunteer opportunities he has undertaken. PugetSoundOff taught Hassan the power of collaboration, of taking ideas, refining them to build a meaningful discussion combatting the underlying problems that affect our communities.

Henry Meyerson

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Henry is an 10th grader at Raisbeck Aviation High School. He joined the Seattle Youth Commission because he is interested in transportation and education issues. He is particularly interested in how Seattle's changing demographics impact education and the distribution of funding. Henry is looking forward to taking a leadership role in the community. He would like to encourage more Seattle youth to bike and to make the city more bike-friendly. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, swimming, cycling, hiking and skiing.

Isabella Sundy

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Isabella Sundy is from the Green Lake neighborhood. She is sixteen-years old and a current junior at Bishop Blanchet High School. At her school she is continuing her third year on the mock trial team and is also a student ambassador. Once a week she volunteers at CCSWW-Youth Tutoring Program in Lake City. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and also plays for Bishop Blanchet in the spring. This is Isabella's first year serving on the Seattle Youth Commission and she plans to help voice the opinions and needs of the youth in Seattle and encourage them to be involved in the community.

Jess Juanich

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Jess Juanich is a Senior at Garfield High School. Jess has always been interested in becoming a political leader.  Since his middle school years, he has been actively involved in representing his school as a student ambassador and was selected graduation speaker in June, 2012.  In addition to being the current ASB Secretary, Jess has been the Vice President of his high school junior and sophomore class of 2016.  Jess is both the founder and concurrent President of his school's Model UN and Ukulele Clubs. 

Jess wants to experience how the city of Seattle functions and how it offers holistic and transformational programming for youth.  Jess can contribute his leadership skills, public speaking ability and cultural awareness to the Youth Commission, having been involved at St. James Cathedral Youth Ministry and the Filipino Community of Seattle Youth Academy. 

Jess has been able to work well with others during his travels with Pipe Organ Encounters, Jazz band recitals, cathedral choirs, Filipino community activities and leadership conferences, making him a natural collaborator. 

Jess is a recent grantee of the Experiment Leadership Institute in South Africa:  Summer 2015 for Peace, Politics and Human Rights and was a U.S. Youth Ambassador to Brazil in the Summer of 2014.  Jess is also interested in international business and diplomacy.  He would like to further develop his leadership, public speaking and oral communication skills as a youth commissioner and become a part of the next generation of local government leaders.

Kaileah Mayer

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Kaileah Mayer is an 8th grader at Lakeside School and has lived in Seattle her entire life. This is her first year on Seattle Youth Commission. She is excited to meet her fellow commissioners from different walks of life, and together solve the issues presented to them. Kaileah's social awareness started very early, as she would ask questions about many current events, and participated in many marches (Trayvon Martian march-2012) and campaigns (Targeted Local Hire-2013) with her father. This helped her understand the need for social change in the world, especially in her community. Kaileah is a 2014 winner of the Rainier Scholars' Academic Excellence Award. She enjoys the arts, playing the upright bass and performing in school productions. She also enjoys being active on her volleyball team.


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Katherine is so excited to be a part of this wonderful team. She is a frequent stage manager, designer and technician at many Seattle theaters and is a member of the Seattle Public Theater Youth Program, the Teen Tix New Guard and the 14/48: HS Board. She is also a part of her school's literary magazine and drama club. She hopes to create a voice for teens in Seattle politics on the Youth Commission. In her free time, Katherine likes to read and relax with her cats.

M Xochitl Wilder

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My name is M Xochitl Wilder, I am a senior at The Center School and recently moved to Seattle from Los Angeles. I have been interested in government and getting more involved in my community since a young age, and growing up with many lawyers in my family meant that I leaned how to have an argument and to win. In high school I got more involved in government and debate in my AP US History class and learned more about the world and social justice issues through a teen workshop at the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation. This year I have continued to throw myself into new situations through my AP Literature and Composition and American Government classes and am hoping to make the world a better place through government and community work.

Nyasha Maraire

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Nyasha Maraire is a 14 year old in the ninth grade at Garfield High School. She comes from a long line of performers (Lora Chiroah Dye & Dumi Maraire Sr.) and community activists (Larry Williams & Eddie Rye). She is already committed to a life of activism and service to disenfranchised communities by feeding the homeless and participating in the annual MLK Jr. walk. Nyasha is the daughter of Hip-Hop artist Draze and is no stranger to the stage. She has been performing African music and dance since she was five years old, being a featured performer at Dance This, Folklife Festival & Through The Eyes of Art. Nyasha held a star role in the Summer Youth Musical Program "Snow White & The Seven." At the age of eight, she started rapping with her Dad and in the summer of 2015 she released her first mix-tape titled "Hold My Own." Nyasha recently gave a speech at the Seattle Theater Donor Meeting advocating for resources for the arts. Nyasha is determined to continue to dedicate her art and her energy to making a difference in her community.

Ziah Daily

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Ziah Daily is an 8th grader at Seattle Girl's School. Ziah is active in her middle school around issues that affect the community as well as individuals. Ziah loves learning about the government and what could be changed about it.  Ziah wants to work with people that are open to listening to youth ideas and would really like to work with local elected officials to talk about what's going on in today's society.