Excellence in Leadership Awards Program



Thursday, November 3, 2016, 4:00 PM, in the Crystal Ballroom at the Washington Athletic Club, 1325 Sixth Ave, Seattle.

For questions or to provide feedback please email sma@seattle.gov.


Leadership in Innovative Public Service
IndividualIrene Stewart - HSD
TeamIntegrated Resource Planning Team -SCL
Aliza Seelig, Sarang Amirtabar, Anna Kim & Saul Villarreal
Leadership in Community Service
IndividualKaren Galt - Parks
Team:  SFD Stair Climb Team - Seattle Fire Dept.
Leadership in Planning & Project Management
Individual: Anna Pavlik - FAS
TeamInterdepartmental Team - OPCD, Seattle Center & SDOT
 Jackie Kirn, Jill Crary, Jim Holmes, Jonathon Williams & Julia Levitt
Leadership in Race & Social Justice
IndividualLakema Bell - Parks
Team:   Workforce Equity - SDHR
Felecia Caldwell & Bailey Hinckley

2016 Award Categories

Leadership in Innovative Public Service:
This award recognizes an individual or team who consistently promotes and delivers innovation and excellence in public leadership and exemplifies the values and vision of their department. The nominee should be a person or team whose innovation or new ideas enhance the quality of service delivery in some way or whose work significantly impacted the efficiency and excellence by which a public service is provided. The nominee should demonstrate long range, effective strategic planning; develop and motivate staff or other participants involved in completing the work; and serve with the public good in mind.

Leadership in Community Service Award:
This award recognizes an individual or team who has shown extraordinary dedication to positively impact and contribute to the community in which we work and live.  The commitment can be demonstrated through service and volunteer activities, fundraising efforts, or by providing leadership to a charitable organization or community cause. The nominee should inspire and strengthen the community by promoting awareness and encouraging investment that results in a positive change in the community. This category is distinguished from the Public Service Award in that it is focused external to the City rather than internal.

Leadership in Planning and Project Management Award:
This award recognizes an individual or team who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in planning, developing and/or establishing a broadly impactful project or planned course of action(s) for self and others. The nominee should successfully include and collaborate with stakeholders, encourage and recognize alternative voices, and provide inspiring leadership throughout the planning and implementation of the project. 

Leadership in Race and Social Justice Award:
This award recognizes an individual or team who has shown exceptional leadership in eliminating institutional systems, practices, and policies that serve as barriers to race and social justice; transforming civic engagement processes for greater equity and inclusion; promoting opportunity and access for all individuals, and/or providing education on racial and social justice issues. The nominee should communicate a vision of an equitable City and challenge institutions and organizations that unwittingly continue barriers to social justice. 

Please note:   The award selection committee reserves the right to reassign nominee award categories to more closely align with stated nomination criteria. 

Past Award Winners

2013-2015 List of Winners