Meetings are open to the public and are generally held 6-8 pm on the first Wednesday of every month in room L280 in City Hall ( 600 4th Ave ). Please enter via the 5th Ave entrance and take the elevators down to L2. Because the doors lock promptly at 6:00, please try to arrive a few minutes early.

SBAB/SDOT workshop
Thursday, February 11
12 PM – 2:30 PM
Room 3762
Purpose: Opportunity for SBAB members to discuss, ask questions and provide advisory input as stewards of the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) on the 2016-2020 Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan.


  1. Introductions
  2. Public Comment
  3. SBAB Implementation Advisory Criteria Tool
  4. Review of project list
  5. Review of strategies and programs
  6. Input requested by SDOT (February 3 SBAB meeting):
    • Other major projects to be included in the Plan
    • Highest priority strategies and programs
      • Strategies and programs SBAB could champion
    • Top SBAB BMP priorities/design initiatives
    • Additional qualitative criteria to consider
  7. Summary
    • What we heard today
    • SDOT updates
    • Next steps