Stormwater Codes and Rules Update - Documents

2021 Stormwater Code and Manual Updates

Summary of Changes

Stormwater Code (Seattle Municipal Code)

2021 Stormwater Manual (Joint Director's Rule SPU DWW-200/SDCI 10-2021)

New SPU Public Drainage System Requirements Director's Rule (DWW-210)

The following are archives of previous versions of the Seattle Stormmwater Code and Manual and supporting documents. For the current Seattle Stormwater Code and Manual and supporting documents, see Stormwater Code.

2016 Stormwater Code and Manual

2016 Stormwater Code

2016 Stormwater Manual

2016 Forms and Documents

2009 Stormwater Code and Manual

2009 Stormwater Code

2009 Stormwater Manual

2009 Forms and Documents

2009 Reference Materials

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