Priority Green Facilitated

What Is It?

Priority Green Facilitated is a streamlined permitting process for master use permits in exchange for meeting green building standards. We provide this opportunity in order to assist innovative projects that will serve as visible models of high performance and sustainability. Priority Green Facilitated:

  • Provides a single point of contact
  • Provides priority processing for faster intake appointments, routing, and issuance
  • Focuses on inter-departmental and integrated review to address citywide code challenges
  • Provides code and process assistance


Priority Green Facilitated projects require an agreement with us before you submit your master use permit application or early design guidance application. You must use a collaborative design and development approach, also known as an integrated design process.

Your project must meet one of the following green building standards:

Priority Green Building Matrix

Achieve at least 10 points on the Priority Green Facilitated Building Matrix. The matrix is currently being revised. You can get a copy by emailing us at

Living Building Pilot

The Living Building Pilot program allows you to request additional departures from the Seattle Land Use Code through Design Review, and provides height and floor area incentives for buildings attempting to meet the Living Building Challenge. 

Seattle 2030 District

Achieve Architecture 2030 Challenge for Planning performance targets for new construction:

  1. Energy use: An immediate 70 percent reduction below the national median, with incremental targets, reaching carbon neutral by 2030
  2. Water use: Immediately manage the combination of stormwater peak discharge and potable water use by 50 percent below the district baseline.
  3. CO2 of auto and freight: An immediate 50 percent reduction below the current district average

LEED Platinum or Built Green 5 star

Achieve Architecture 2030 Challenge for Planning performance targets for new construction.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our review fee is $324 per hour which is the same for master use permits; however, facilitation of these projects can result in additional hours as compared to typical reviews.

Steps to Get Your Permit

We can assist your project team in evaluating which strategies work best for your project. Please contact us at

See the master use permit page for step-by-step directions for your application.