Side Sewer Contractor Registration

What Is It?

You need to be a Registered Side Sewer Contractor (RSSC) to repair or construct a side sewer in the public right-of-way. You also need to be a Registered Side Sewer Contractor to perform pavement restoration (this replaces the Registered Pavement Restoration Contractor previously issued by the Seattle Department of Transportation). You do not need to become an RSSC if you are only working on private property.

When you become an RSSC, remember that:

  • You must renew your license each year
  • You can check your status and view a full list of current RSSCs
  • The exam costs $100
  • The registration fee is $200
  • The annual renewal fee is $150

Annual Registration Renewal
Your registration expires on December 31st of each year and must be renewed.

To renew, you must submit a completed registration renewal form, and include:

  • A copy of your current City of Seattle business license
  • The renewal fee of $150

If you don’t renew your registration within one year after it expires, you must provide proof that you met the initial registration requirements to become an RSSC.

The Exam

Our exam will test you on general code knowledge related to side sewer construction, focusing on requirements for working in the right-of-way.

  • The exam is a closed book, multiple-choice test with 45 questions
  • You need a score of at least 80 percent to pass the test
  • The test is scheduled by appointment; email to schedule

Exam Materials

You can access exam materials at the following links.

Steps to Become a Contractor

Check out the RSSC registration checklist and RSSC information flyer for details about how to become a contractor.

  1. Start the application or renewal process
  2. Pay the $200 registration or $150 renewal fee through the Seattle Services Portal.
  3. Provide proof of a current Washington State General Contractor's license or a Site Work Related Contractor's License.
  4. Provide proof a current city of Seattle business license.
  5. File a certificate of insurance and an additional insured endorsement as detailed in the RSSC insurance transmittal form. Your agent should email them to Do not mail them.
  6. Post and maintain a bond in the amount of $30,000 as described in the RSSC bond instructions which are explained at the top of the RSSC bond instructions.
    • Email the bond form to for review and approval
    • Once SDCI has sent you an email approving the bond form, you need to mail the bond form and the power of attorney to SDCI so we can file it with the City Clerk's Office per the a filing requirement in the Seattle Municipal Code requirements. Send your documents to:

      Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
      RSSC Program, 21st Floor
      PO Box 34019
      Seattle, WA 98124

Please note that bonds expire in the RSSC database three (3) years from the date that the surety company signed the bond form (bottom of page two). Once the bond expires, you must submit another bond on our current form.

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