Updating Stormwater Regulations - Project Documents

Project Documents

Draft Documents for Public Review - April 1 through May 16 2020

The actual Stormwater Code and Manual changes are still to be determined. However, our regulations must be equivalent to Ecology's NPDES 2019 Stormwater Permit (Ecology Permit). We will consider the following topics for our updates:

  • Construction site stormwater runoff control/concrete handling
  • Technical changes to structural stormwater controls
  • Source control
  • Clarification of drainage review for Master Use Permit (MUP) and common plans of development
  • Combined sewer flow control standard/threshold updates
  • Wetland flow control standard
  • Stormwater/combined mainline extension requirement clarification
  • Addition and clarification of definitions
  • On-site Stormwater Management (OSM) list approach-