Neighborhood Parking - What & Why

What's Happening Now?

We've updated Seattle's parking regulations that were first adopted in 2018. We worked with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to create a new Director's Rule to help clarify how Seattle's bicycle parking requirements apply to new building developments.

October 2020: Joint SDCI and SDOT Director's Rule on bicycle parking went into effect.

Director's Rule SDCI 6-2020 / SDOT 1-2020 provides additional information that interprets the Land Use Code requirements for parking regulations. This new Director's Rule went into effect on October 22, 2020 after a long period of gathering public input. It explains the City's allowances for how bicycle parking may be located and installed in new developments.

The details relate to both indoor and outdoor bicycle parking. This helps to clarify the Land Use Code requirements for bicycle parking in Section 23.54.015.

The rule also includes SDOT's guidelines that recommend how bicycle parking fixtures should be installed, what kinds to choose, and the ways in which bicycle parking can be installed in sidewalks and other public places.

October 2020: Seattle City Council passed the "omnibus" Ordinance 126157 with code updates on certain bicycle parking requirements

On October 11, 2020, several code amendments related to bicycle parking requirements went into effect. These included details about:

  • Clarifying access details and wayfinding signage requirements to bicycle parking
  • Clarifying ability to locate short-term bicycle parking in off-site locations, such as nearby rights-of-way, with SDOT's approval, and other off-site parking flexibility
  • Flexibility for locating bicycle parking in unit lot subdivisions
  • Reduced requirements for bicycle parking in rent- and income-restricted housing
  • Flexibility for bicycle parking requirements in Chinatown/International District uses

Project Benefits

The amended parking rules will:

  • Promote policies in the Mayor and Council's Housing Affordability and Livability AgendaMove Seattle's transportation strategy, the City's Comprehensive Plan, and other City policies and Plans.
  • Manage off-street parking most efficiently.
  • Prioritize housing affordability to preserve and enhance the ability of people of all economic means to live in Seattle. Parking is a significant factor in the cost of housing.
  • Promote better quality and more secure and more comfortable bicycle parking facilities.
  • Help achieve local and regional environmental objectives to achieve air quality, climate change, and natural environmental protection goals.

The End Result

SDCI's recommendations were discussed at the City Council's PLUZ Committee in the first quarter of 2018, and advanced to a vote of the full Council on April 2. The Council approved amended bill CB 119221 on April 2, 2018, which Mayor Jenny Durkan signed on April 13, 2018. The amendments are effective as of May 14, 2018.