Design Review Program Improvements - Background


In 2017, we attended HALA Community Open House meetings in locations throughout the City.

In March 2016, we released draft Design Review Improvement recommendations. The recommendations are located on our Project Documents webpage.

In 2015, we conducted extensive community engagement to get input and ideas from community members and stakeholders including:

  • Two community open houses
  • Interviews with community stakeholders
  • Online surveys
  • Focus group
  • Advisory group of 16 diverse stakeholders

Materials are located on our Project Documents webpage.

Stakeholders Advisory Group

Advisory Group Roster
All meetings were held at the Seattle Municipal Tower, Floor 16, Room 1610

Advisory Group Meeting 1 (4/1/15):

Advisory Group Meeting 2 (4/27/15):

Advisory Group Meeting 3 (5/7/15):

Advisory Group Meeting 4 (5/21/15):

Advisory Group Meeting 5 (6/22/15):

Advisory Group Meeting 6 (9/14/15):

Background Materials