2030 Challenge Pilot - Background


The Living Building Pilot Program was adopted by the City Council in December 2009, and amended in 2012, July 2014, and in 2016, to facilitate the development of buildings that would meet the Living Building Challenge (LBC). The pilot program was developed to provide flexibility for projects seeking LBC certification to encourage the use of this very high and difficult to achieve standard. During our last update of the Living Building Pilot, City Council asked us to develop another pilot program based on the high-performance building goals of the Seattle 2030 District.

The LBC is a sustainable building certification program that focuses on a performance-based approach to certification. LBC aims to produce buildings that are less harmful to the environment than conventional buildings and that contribute positively to their surroundings. It was created by the International Living Future Institute as a green building rating system in order to recognize buildings that achieve the highest level of sustainability.

"The Seattle 2030 District is an interdisciplinary, public-private collaborative working to create a high-performance building district in downtown Seattle. With the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Planning providing [their] performance goals, [they] seek to develop realistic, measurable, and innovative strategies to assist district property owners, managers, and tenants in meeting aggressive goals that reduce environmental impacts of the construction and operations of buildings.” From About Seattle 2030 District  (accessed January 2, 2018).

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