2030 Challenge Pilot - What & Why

What's Happening Now?

Mayor Durkan sent proposed legislation to the City Council on April 24. That legislation would change the Land Use Code to:

  • Establish a new 2030 Challenge Pilot
    • Establish a new pilot program to promote the construction and operation of buildings that meet the highest green standards and promote environmental quality
    • Allow 20 projects to be built before the pilot expires in 2025
    • Require the buildings to meet standards for energy, water, and transportation efficiency based on the goals of the Seattle 2030 District
    • Allow additional development capacity (floor area and structure height) for buildings that meet the pilot program standards
  • Update the Living Building Challenge Pilot Program
    • Allow the same zoning incentives as proposed for the 2030 Challenge Pilot
    • Update penalty provisions to be consistent with those proposed for the 2030 Challenge Pilot

Project Goals

Our recommendations will:

  • Promote development of high performing green buildings
  • Allow the City to study the resulting green buildings and their performance and develop permanent standards for high performing buildings in the Land Use Code
  • Help meet the City’s goals for environmental quality and address carbon emissions that contribute to climate change

The End Result

The City Council passed the 2030 Challenge Pilot legislation (Council Bill 119252) on June 25, 2018. The amendments are effective as of August 1, 2018.