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Advising the City on all matters related to bicycling .


A RESOLUTION stating the intent of the Seattle City Council to create an 11-member Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, and requesting the Executive to provide comments and recommendations by May 31, 1997.

WHEREAS, it is an indisputable fact of urban life that the bicycle is a popular and viable means of personal transportation; and

WHEREAS, the role of the bicycle as a mode of personal transportation in Seattle will continue to increase in importance in coming years; and

WHEREAS, thousands of Seattle residents use bicycles to commute to work, to school, on recreational trips, and for other essential transportation purposes; and

WHEREAS, the City Council had adopted a comprehensive bikeway plan in order to promote the use of bicycling as a mode of urban transportation; and

WHEREAS bikeways and paths such as the Burke-Gilman Trail, the Green Lake Bike Path, and arterial bikeways along Northlake Way, Ravenna Boulevard, and Lake Washington Boulevard are intensively used for commuting, recreation and other bike trips; and

WHEREAS, the active involvement of bicycle enthusiasts in advising municipal authorities is vital to insure proper development of the bicycling environment; and

WHEREAS, promoting the safety and well-being of those who use bicycles for all transportation purposes is a responsibility of the City; and

WHEREAS, on May 11, 1977 the Transportation Committee received public testimony and departmental comments supporting the creation of a Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board; Now, Therefore,


That it is the intent of the City Council to create the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board which shall advise the City Council, the Mayor, and all departments and offices of the City on matters related to bicycling, and the impact which actions by the City may have upon bicycling; and shall have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the City’s planning processes insofar as they may relate to bicycling.


That the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board shall be composed of 11 members appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council to serve staggered terms of one and two years.

1. That board members shall be representatives of:

a. Bike and cycling organizations;

b. Bicycle dealers;

c. Organizations concerned with safety;

d. Representatives of business organizations;

e. Interested private citizens concerned with urban cycling issues.

2. That said Board shall review proposed actions concerning bicycling and bicyclists in the City and advise the Mayor and City Council with the assistance of an interdisciplinary task force consisting of representatives from the following City departments and offices:

a. Seattle Engineering Department;

b. Seattle Department of Parks & Recreations;

c. Seattle City Light;

d. Department of Community Development;

e. Seattle Police Department;

f. Office of Policy Planning; and

g. Office of Management and Budget.


That, the City Council proposes that the responsibilities and duties of the Board shall be to raise public awareness of bicycling issues and to:

1. Assist in the revision of Seattle’s Comprehensive Bikeway Plan.

2. Review proposals and plan for spot improvements and bikeways.

3. To promote bicycling as a viable form of urban transportation.

4. Promote improved safety to reduce accidents and thefts of bicycles by educating both youth and adult cyclists, by evaluating and recommending changes in design standards for on-street and off-street bikeways, trails, and paths accessible to bicyclists and for secured parking racks and lockers.

5. Develop possible demonstration projects to encourage commuting through provision of safe, accessible routes, secure bike parking facilities, and facilities for commute clean-up and changing from riding to work clothes.


That, the Board shall be staffed by a CETA-funded position within the Seattle Engineering Department; and that, the Board shall be reviewed pursuant to the terns of any “Sunset” ordinance enacted before or after the Board’s creation.


That, the Executive is requested to submit to the Transportation and Finance Committees comments and recommendations on the Council’s proposed Board by May 31, 1977.

ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Seattle the 16 day of May, 1977, and signed by me in open session in authentication of its adoption this 16 day of May, 1977.

(signature) H

President of the City Council

FILED by me this 16 day of May, 1977

ATTEST: (signature) E.L. King

City Comptroller and City Clerk

BY: (signature) Wayne Angarine



(signature) Wes Uhlman

Wes Uhlman, Mayor