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Meeting Agenda


January 20th, 2002 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Location: Downtown REI
222 Yale Avenue North

6-Steps to a Bikeable Seattle - brain storm

  1. People
    a. (5) get young people to ride
    b. (5) get adults to ride
    i. increase incentives at work
    c. (6) educate motorists / change behavior
    i. blocking paths
    d. (6) educate cyclists
    i. laws
    ii. safety measures
    iii. bike routes
    e. Enforcement
    i. cars parked in bike lanes
    ii. construction detouring, traffic control plan
    iii. obtaining permit for construction in city right of way

  2. Facilities
    a. (4) increase bike parking, lockers, racks , showers
    b. (2) increase funding "1/3 for bikes"
    c. (3) develop signage
    d. (3) increase bike lanes/routes/paths
    i. enhance, fix pot holes other hazards, striping
    e. (3) finish urban trail system
    f. (3) improve bridges for bike use

  3. (1) Get name out to department heads
    a. establish credibility and resourcefulness and ability to respond to questions

  4. Bike Parking/lockers/racks/showers

    Employers make it easy for employees to ride to work. (how does top guy do it) Creates a culture and reinforcement that riding to work is a cool way to get to work. Encourage employers to offer incentives to employees to bike to work. Look at factors that would create a biking culture within a company and develop an information campaign to address it.

    - get together information on current successful company bike incentive programs
    - get fitness club to allow employees to use showers for a reasonable fee
    - look at existing city programs and their results

  5. Encourage people to ride

    Sell bicycling as a sexy life style choice and a viable alternative in many circumstances to driving a car or as a beneficial extension to driving a car. Look at the difficulties that people perceive as being in the way of day to day bicycling and identify ways of educating or providing incentives for them to overcome them.

    - Shop by bike
    - higher visibility of bicycle clubs and what they do
    - focus on getting information about bike clubs to non-bicyclists
    - Club by bike (hit the bars and go dancing)
    - get to school by bike (safe routes to school)
    - must maintain list of routs to walk and bike to school
    - bike to school day
    - social biking, progressive biking dinner
    - put together guide on how to do stuff by bike
    - go on a date by bike
    - make biking cool again by recruiting popular people to bike and set up media events
    - list of people to approach about riding
    - get together current information on cost of owning a car vs a bike
    - media ads
    - get you fitness in outside the club
    - Bike Buddy program (increase recruitment)

Letter to the Mayor

Accomplishments from 2000-2001

  1. Represented cycling interests by attending meetings and providing feedback to the following projects:
    a. SR-99
    b. CSO (Denny Way)
    c. Potlatch
    d. I-90
    e. Burke Gilman Trail (Missing Link)
    f. Burke Gilman Trail (Ballard Locks / Golden Gardens Extension)
    g. Regional Routes Projects
    h. Colonnade Park

  2. Full Board consultation on:
    a. Colonnade Park
    b. 520 presentation (Sound Transit)
    c. Sounder Train (Sound Transit)
    d. Airport Expansion
    e. North Waterfront Access
    f. Council Member presentation on helmet safety
    g. District Transportation Study
    h. South Ballard Transportation Study

  3. The board wrote officials about:
    a. Sound Transit regarding bike parking
    b. Mayor's Office regarding restoring funding to trails
    c. Council Members regarding Burke Gilman Trail resolution

  4. Attended public meetings/open houses:
    a. I-90
    b. Sound Transit
    c. Burke Gilman Trail
    d. South Ballard
    e. Potlatch Trail
    f. 520
    g. Alaska Way Viaduct

Bus Bike Ad Campaign

Possible areas of focus for bike ad campaign:

  1. bike commuting
  2. bike safety
  3. driver education (selected area of focus for campaign)

Tag line Ideas

  1. Bikes belong
  2. Bikes are vehicles
  3. Coexist
  4. Share the road
  5. rare the shoad
  6. shave the toad
  7. Don't be a jackass
  8. Same roads, same rules, same rights
  9. Contrary to popular belief, bicyclists are not worth bonus points
  10. Streets Are For Everyone
  11. Part of the solution - image of a good looking person riding down a pleasant road on a fine day. Everything about the image is pleasant.

SBAB Web Site

  • Adam presented the SBAB web site. The present board members thought that it was a good start.

  • There were concerns over the complexity and amount of work involved in keeping the web site maintained.


Present: Tom Bertulis, Barbara Van de Fen, Adam Pomata, Bobby Mullins

Absent: Dave Janis, Rebecca Slivka, Garwood Nichol, Tonya Renee Hall, Jim Fridley

Seattle Transportation: Pauh Wang

Others Attendee: Mark Keller (Cascade Bicycle Club)

Notes By

Adam Pomata