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Meeting Agenda


March 3, 2004 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Location: City Hall
601 5th Avenue
Boards and Commissions Room, Room L280

6:00 - 6:30 Welcome and Introductions

Approval of February's meeting minutes.
Identification of meeting minute-taker.

News & views / Around the room

SBAB orientation packet

Action Items

Vote on the one page summary of the Guiding Principles
Identify ride-leader for the next SBAB bike ride on March 14.

Board Business 6:30 - 8:00

Pay Station Project - SDOT will begin consolidating parking meters this year, replacing them with paystations. Because parking meters are used informally as bike racks, this will impact bicyclists' ability to park throughout the city. Mary Catherine Snyder, a planner with the Policy, Planning, and Major Projects Division, will describe this project and review SDOT's plans for installing racks where meters are removed.

More information at:

Interurban & Ship Canal Trail - Stuart Goldsmith, SDOT Project Manager for the Interurban and Ship Canal trails, will update the board on the status of these projects.

Seattle Monorail Project - Boardmembers will discuss:

SMP's public hearing last Wednesday, February 11
The potential impacts of the monorail on the 2nd Ave bicycle lanes.

Environmental Action Agenda - Mayor Nickel's Environmental Action Agenda is a framework for making and measuring improvements in both the City's environmental performance, and community-wide environmental quality and livability. The 2004 Agenda has been updated with goals, targets, and priorities for action and investment in four areas, including "smart mobility." One of the explicit goals of this area is to "make Seattle the most bike- and pedestrian- friendly city in the country." Board members will identify appropriate benchmarks to gauge progress with respect to bike accommodation and its environmental/sustainability benefits and further discuss how they can contribute to the Agenda.

For more information, go to: