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Chapter 3
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Right-of-Way Improvement Requirements
3.1.2b New Streets, Required Widths - Non Arterials
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Minimum street right-of-way and roadway widths required for new non-arterial streets. Street right-of-way widths for new non-arterial streets in Downtown or zoned Seattle Mixed shall be determined by the Seattle Department of Transportation. For more information, please contact Street Use.

Right-of-Way and Roadway Widths for New Non Arterial Streets
Land Use Zone Categories* Right-of-Way Width Roadway Width
SF, LDT, L1, NC1 50 feet 25 feet
L2, L3, L4, NC2 56 feet 32 feet
MR, HR, NC3 60 feet 36 feet
C1, C2, IB, IC 60 feet 40 feet
IG1, IG2 66 feet 40 feet

* If a project is on a block which is split into more than one land use zone category, the zone category with the most frontage determines the minimum width required. If the land use categories have equal frontage, the one with the greater width requirement shall be used to determine the minimum width.

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Chapter 3
Right-of-Way Improvement Requirements
3.1 Overview of Requirements from the Land Use Code (Ch. 23.53 & 23.22)
3.2 Requirements for Streets, Alleys and Easements
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