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Chapter 3
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Right-of-Way Improvement Requirements
Alleys | Existing Alleys | Required for Access | Improvement Requirements
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Alley improvements for all land use zones are required when the alley is used for access, as listed below:

No Requirements
  • 1-2 dwelling units, if alley is unimproved but in common usage for existing residences

Partial Requirements

  • 1 to 9 new dwelling units or residential lots;
  • Major, minor vehicle repair uses or multipurpose convenience stores of less than 750 square feet;
  • Non-residential structures of less than 4,000 square feet;
  • Mixed use structures with less than 10 units and less than 4,000 square feet of non-residential use;
  • Interior remodels and interior use changes;
  • Additions exempt from SEPA review;
  • Parking lot and open storage area expansion of less than 20% of area or parking spaces; and
  • Types of small projects with reduced improvement requirements are defined in paragraph 23.53.030 E1a(1) in the Land Use Code.

Full Requirements

  • All types of development not listed above
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Chapter 3
Right-of-Way Improvement Requirements
3.1 Overview of Requirements from the Land Use Code (Ch. 23.53 & 23.22)
3.2 Requirements for Streets, Alleys and Easements
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