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Chapter 2
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Procedures, Permitting Process and Approvals for Right-of-Way Improvements
2.6 Shoring and Excavation Permits

The City of Seattle Department of Transportation requires a  Shoring and Excavation Permit if a project meets the following criteria:

  • excavation or construction adjacent to the street right-of-way deeper than three feet; and
  • any excavation where the plane extending from the bottom of an excavation at 100% (45 degree) slope crosses the property/street right-of-way line.

This permit is required whether or not the street right-of-way is improved or even open to traffic. The purpose is to protect the stability of the street right-of-way and facilities within and/or near the street right-of-way.

In cases where there is an associated Department of Planning and Development (DPD) Construction Permit, SDOT does not issue a separate Shoring & Excavation Permit. However, when excavation on private property meets the criteria stated above, the plans for excavation or shoring must be reviewed and approved by the SDOT's Street Use Section before DPD will issue a Construction Permit.


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Detailed Table of Contents
Chapter 2
Procedures, Permitting Process and Approvals for Right-of-Way Improvements
2.1 Navigating the City of Seattle Permit Process
2.2 Street Right-of-Way Permits
2.3 Street Improvement Permits Group 3 permits
2.4 Other Street Use Construction Permits Groups 1 and 2
2.5 Right-of-Way Use Permits
2.6 Shoring and Excavation Permits
2.7 Utility Permits
2.8 Non-Construction Permits
2.9 Street Trees and Landscaping Permits
2.10 Other Street Right-of-Way Improvement Activities
2.11 Deviation Request Process for Street Right-of-Way Improvements
2.12 Environmental Review and Approvals
2.13 King County Permits and Approvals
2.14 State and Federal Permits and Approvals
2.15 Contact Information
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